As is reported on…. Former 90’s Super Contract Star Lisa Ann has been released from LA Direct Models by Derek Hay.

Lisa refused to take in a well known current “contract star” who is close to being booted by her “high profile” company for drug related issues. To keep the girls contract in-tact Derek promised to keep a close eye on the girl, thus having Lisa Ann babysit. Lisa’s refusal to take the troubled starlet in showed Derek that Lisa was not part of the team and it was best that she left.

We wish Lisa the best… and she is a beautiful woman, a legend… and we hope she still plans to come back and do scenes!!

ONCE AGAIN….. AS REPORTED ON WWW.LUKEISBACK.COM Lisa Ann and LA Direct chief Derek Hay have patched things up and Lisa is back. That’s great news, because Lisa Ann is a GREAT person to work with and be around!!! SO, good move on both parts.

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