This weekend we found out some shocking information relating to Tiffany Holiday… so we are here to offer her a major apology!!!

As you may have read in the past here ar Lukeford.com, we posted stories about Tiffany being a major crackhead who would allow people to fist her, piss on her or use her hair as a mop or home for squirrels… all for $5.00.

As it turns out, we were wrong. We have just learned that that was NOT Tiffany Holiday doing anything for $5.00, it was her evil-twin sister Dehani Holiday that turns tricks at bus stops and local 7-11’s posing as her famous sister Tiffany!!!

Tiffany is still the sweet and beautiful girl we all remember her as, and Dehani is the miserable crack ho doing shit for pennies!!!

Here is the LOVELY and TALENTED Tiffany Holiday, caught in pictures just recently, she’s standing next to to Todd ‘How Much Does That Guy Make’ Todd… as you can tell, her hair does not look like a birds nest!!

The Lovely Tiffany Holiday

We're Sorry for The Mixup Tiffany

And now… here is the cracked out evil twin sister Dehani that passes herself off as her sister!!!!!

Evil Twin sister Dehani Holiday

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