Fayner Posts: News, by design, is not meant to be good. People would find themselves scrambling for the sticky controller at 6 pm sharp to switch to the news far less frequently if it was all happy fun silly wonderful fucking news reports. We, by design, crave sorrow and despair to make ourselves feel better about our shitty lives. Pretty much, video of war-torn Iraq and the war on terror (also called: Operation Make Everyone Think Like We Do) beats video of an old man and a chipmunk discovering a cure for cancer every time.

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I for one like old men and chipmunks. A cure for cancer could also be helpful.

Nathan likes cock.

That said, I was hoping to miss the latest Bush speech detailing how he thinks it is necessary to now be able to spy –  that’s right, SPY – on Americans AT WILL in hopes of ending terror cells, and pretty much terror, forever.

Legal spying in America is against the law according to the laws of America. Look it up, it’s true.

That is, it used to. When the government got caught sitting on its fat lazy unprepared ass on 9/11 it became apparent that the only way to make sure they never got caught sitting on their fat lazy unprepared ass on 9/11 VOLUME 2 was to change the laws that opposed them doing so by twisting laws to suit their needs and give them access to things they couldn’t before because it’s illegal.

So was born the popular Patriot Act.

Seems now that wasn’t enough.

It’s never enough.

They needed more access, more liberty to search without proof for anything they want.

This is basically what I gathered during Bush’s speech.

So, if Bush’s new and improved personal-sized Axis of Evil with the bigger wheels and the better stereo and the stronger batteries forgets to have a reason when they start poking through your life for links to terrorists and terror cells, it won’t matter ’cause they won’t need one.

It’s fun for all ages! Anyone can play! Anyone can fall!

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