Pamela Anderson is the best ‘Soccer Mom’ ever. She’s her sons’ secret weapon during soccer games. Everyone on her kids’ teams is used to seeing her around, but the boys on the opposing teams probably have a pretty hard time concentrating when she’s strutting around on the sidelines. From the looks of these pictures, the people on the sideline don’t seem to notice there’s a game going on either. It’s really nice of her to help by shagging the stray soccer balls, but storing them in her shirt is not necessary. These fanatical sports moms and dads really need to learn where to draw the line.

In other news, Pamela Anderson is dating Sugar Ray frontman, Mark McGrath. He’s now the pretty boy host of Extra, but his best work to date was as one of the stars of the porn movie, Backstage Sluts 2 (NSFW). Why he never wants to talk about that movie, I don’t know. Some people are very modest when it comes to discussing their accomplishments.

Pam Soccer Mom Photo 1Pam Soccer Mom Photo 2

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