I just realized something… 2 scenes day one, 2 scenes day 2… that’s 4 scenes and this TRANTASTIC movie is set to be a 5 scene movie, with a bonus 2nd disk filled with 2 hours of behind the scenes and solo stuff… SO WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LAST SCENE???


I placed to call to Casa de Defiance…. and spoke to Anthony Simone, Norman Bentley and Keith O’Connor while they dined on lunch by candlelight!!!

I asked about the 5th scene, O’Connor stated it was a surprise, a shock ending to an incredible movie. He said it would be the biggest shocker of them all. Ok, is it just me or does that fucking sound insanely impossible??? Roxy, Cindy Crawford, Cytherea, Deja Daire, Vanity… and he says there’s something that will top all of it.

Ok, my balls are whincing. ANY IDEAS WHO THE LAST SCENE SHOULD PAIR? I’d like to get peoples thoughts on this one. Since the brass at Defiance wouldn’t tell me, or even hint as to who, I’d like to get some opinions as to WHO could possibly top the already incredible roster of talent. SO, email me at webmaster@lukeford.com with your opinions as to who it will be.

And I’ll be staking out Case de Defiance to report back on any news and insider info on who the last scene is made up of!! Big News!!!

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