Fayner Posts: On set for a little while today during the shooting of Ten Handjobs 2 for Defiance. There were many reasons for me to be there. Chocolate donuts. Smoking weed with TR. Sativa Rose. Nadia Styles. All worth it if you ask me. But you didn’t.

Sat down and ate donuts and chatted with sex swordsman Brian Surewood. He’s one hell of a guy.

Seems though he’s had some bad luck in the past with pit bulls. Most people say that from beyond the grave.

Brian tells me that once he and his german shepard were attacked by two pit bulls. He got bit in the chest and his hand was punctured and broken, but somehow he got the one pit he was fighting in a head lock and was in the process of snapping its neck to save his own dog when the 20 guys who were with the two pit bulls decided to start smashing beer bottles on his head while he fought the insane dog. Somehow Brian managed to thrown his dog over a fence to safety, then himself, and rushed to the vet to save his dog, which he did. Brian says they were both a bloody mess. I can just imagine.

Another time, Brian was playing with his puppy pit bull, blowing in its face which dogs don’t much enjoy, and the puppy latched onto his nose, unable to release its grip. For what seems like two hours, Brian says his dog was attached to his nose, a whole bloody mess one can also imagine. Thankfully the dog still had its baby teeth, them sharp buggers that hurt a shitload, and not its tearing and stabbing ones or he wouldn’t have a nose.

Brian says there are more run-ins with vicious dogs in his past, but we’d have to save them for another day. So we will.

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