Fayner Posts: I used to work for NBC in New York. Bitch-boy, I was. I still got a friend or two that still work for the network.

I got a call this weekend from one such person. This is what I was told.

Jenna and Ron were approached to guest star on the show "Las Vegas." They accepted. Well, kind of.

It seems Jenna and her people had problems with the script, something about an orgy scene which they got changed to a more restrained environment, plus many more modifications before she’d agree to participate. I guess it took weeks.

And in a move very unlike her professional reputation, on the day of the shoot Jenna was a no-show. Although she did call to cancel, the fact that the show’s staff accommodated the famous porno star’s every whim and concern only to be left high-and-dry in the 11th hour makes Jenna, and the whole sex industry look bad. And believe me, it’s hard for Jenna to make anything look bad, even a decomposing rat infested with maggots.

Thankfully Ron Jeremy stepped up, a man absent of sex appeal, good looks and a toned body, but loaded with personality, charm and confidence. Sure, he ain’t got a rack like Jenna, but no one looks better wearing gravy-stained sweat pants then the Hedgehog.

Jenna was replaced by some other chick and the episode was made.

That is all I know for certain.

Can Jenna explain her abrupt cancellation? I’d like to hear it. I’m such a fan of her work and of her as a person that I think I deserve an explanation. Redeem yourself at

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