EMAIL #1) WELL…YOUR WORLD SERIES PICK IS MORE THAN LIKELY GOING TO BE RIGHT BUT NOT your cup or Superbowl pick. Time will tell though and I will definitely be around to remind you. As far as my daddy touching me comments like that usually come from guys who wish their daddy was around to touch them. I won’t take anything you say personal or threaten to kick your ass as I was the one who was initially annoyed by you months ago and lashed out but saying I need help?…funny coming from a cokehead alcoholic. I may have an issue or two but nowhere near as many as you need to address. Maybe I’ll see you out sometime and buy you a drink.


EMAIL #2) that dude who wrote in venting about the astros jacket bit is a dumb dick for sure…funny thing was I thought you were a weak-bodied bitch too because of how you’re busting your fucking nutsack lifting TMFR barely two feet off the ground in that beach pic. very sad indeed. 🙂


EMAIL #3) Baseball is the coolest sport…arguably. Im from Chicago and I am a long time Sox fan. Your half-ass sports knowledge is uncanny…uncannily(?) good? My money is on the Wings or Pats…you fucking crack me up.

You know that Astros jacket in the pics actually looked kinda cool…becoming colors on you Id go so far to say…right up there with “dirt bag”‘s finest. Thanks for the blessing…go Sox! What an awesome night. Yeah, sports are unimportant…Hitler probably loved baseball, but you know what? Nothing in life really matters…it’s cool to see a team “come together” and embrace good strategy to win a championship though. Now that the Sox have won I can finally kill myself. Just kidding, Im really a Cubs fan. Epistomology.

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