My lowrider is for sale because it’s too much maintenance and guys hate that I have a cooler truck than them. I can’t help the fact that I have good taste in cars. I am over it and I would like to sell it to some rich dude that loves my movies. It’s a fun truck and i will show you how to cruise in it!

VALUE: $38,000 – SELL PRICE $28,000

Here are some features of the truck:

It’s a 2001 ford F-150. Has only 30,000 miles!!!!!! That’s less than 10,0000 a year. Holla!

Also it has four switches, two compressors, two batteries, nas tank, brand new tail-lights, its silver with custom suede interior (its sick), bass knobs so you can lower the bass or increase the bass, also, custom grill, custom mirrors, chrome knobs on everything, tons of amp power and 3 – 12’s in the back! It’s sick! Will have pictures soon! Hit me up on my e mail! Holla!

More info when you e mail me!

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