DAN WRITES: Dig the site, but there’s one thing I should tell you before someone who’s a much bigger/more pompous asshole screams this at you: Adolph Hitler was elected; he wasn’t installed.

The German economy was in the toilet and he was the first politician to convince the German people — who my history professor referred to as having a “sonderweg”, or as it’s loosely translated “retarded path” in politics, meaning they’re political retards — that they are strong and should unite under his national socialist ideals.

Otherwise, fairly accurate, though I don’t think Hitler and Bush are all that alike.

Hitler was a great speaker.

Fayner Says: I got this from the internet:

These two myths – that Hitler was elected into power and that Germany supported him – are not true. The Hitler regime was never democratically elected. Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933 by the President, General Hindenburg, and the politician von Papen, to try to stop a left-wing government taking power.


J WRITES: Fayner…what’s up with the ‘brainwashed puppets’ crap? You know these guys are in a hard spot…they can go shoot a bunch of foreign rambo-wannabe’s or spend 10 years chugging cock in military prison. That’s a pretty easy call for most guys not already into tossing salad for extra cigs or pb&j’s.

Fayner Says: Soldiers are trained to obey and serve their superior, and despite them risking their lives for you and me that makes them brainwashed puppets. Okay?

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