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Gauge, Then and Now.

I sat down with Gauge’s former webmaster and we spoke for about an hour about her. I hope you like the interview!!!


TMFR: So when did you meet Gauge.
WEBMASTER: I met her in 2001. I was in NY and she was in LA. A mutual friend introduced us because she wanted a website.


TMFR: First impressions?
WEBMASTER: She was the best of the best. A 4’10 pack of dynamite. Brutally honest and sincere, beautiful, she could look sexy or sweet and if you looked at her the wrong way, a mean streak like no other.
TMFR: So, you built her site and it took off?
WEBMASTER: Ya, it took off because it was her first official website. There were a lot of "tribute" sites, but this was hers. She would write in her diary, she’d take pictures just for the site and she’d write back and forth to her fans. People really started to notice Gauge then and see her in a different light. Before her site, all people would think of is Gauge and Mojo and seeing her throwing up all the time. With the site I built her, we changes up and made her more glamorous.
TMFR: Didn’t you also manage her after that?
WEBMASTER: I wouldn’t say manage. By 2002 Gauge and I were best friends even though we lived on opposite coasts. It was basically all about trust. She trusted me, because I was always there for her and never had my hand in her pocket. Gauge had (has) major trust issues with people. She’s a very trusting person and people take advantage of that. She got screwed over more times than I could count. Agents ripped her off, friends stole money from her or borrowed things and never returned them. So she got to the point where she didn’t trust anyone. When she split with Mojo, he left her completely broke and he even sold all her clothes. That was bottom for her, she literally had nothing and she had to fight her way all the way back to the top. All I did was help her. I took all the calls, booked all her shoots, managed everything for her.
TMFR: That must have paid well because she was always working.
WEBMASTER: Na, I never took a dime from her. She collected all her own checks on set and put them all into her own bank. This was my best friend, how the hell could I charge her.
TMFR: Sounds like you two were pretty close.
WEBMASTER: We were, albeit our only communication was by phone or email.
TMFR: You guys never saw each other?
WEBMASTER: We saw each other a few times. She flew to NJ twice and I came out to LA. B ut not too much. I was wrapped up in her site and running Goliath, and she was busy shooting movies and content for her site.
TMFR: Any romance?
WEBMASTER: Na, I was married to my work and she was in a great new relationship with Jason (still together).
TMFR: Tell me about the time she was in jail. I heard her talk about it on Ksex.
WEBMASTER: Shit that was funny. She was in New Jersey with me to sign paperwork and for her to make any changes she wanted to her website. I left her at her hotel around 7PM, when we got to the lobby she noticed it was "free drinks" night in the bar. So she went to the bar and hung out. She didn’t get to sleep until very late. Next morning, she got a cab to Newark Airport and off to see her mom in Arkansas. On the plane she had a drink or two, and when she arrived in Arkansas she rented a car. I don’t know the details of what happened next, but what I do know is her car went off the side of the road and when the cops arrived she was a "tad bit" over the limit when she took a breathalyzer. Next call I get, expectinbg it to be from her moms house, was a collect call from a County Jail. She was freakin out!!!
When she finally went to court, the judge was some 3rd cousin if I remember right and he didn’t like Gauge’s side of the family. So she had a feeling he was going to throw the book at her. Ends up he was going to give her 6 months in jail!!
Again, she called me freakin out… so I sent a lawyer $5,000 to get her out!!!!
It took a few days because it was the weekend…. but the funny shit is this… by the following Monday when she called me, she had girls giving her their food, she had someone braiding her hair and doing her nails!! In just 72 hours Gauge was RUNNING the place!!!! Once the lawyer got back into court Gauge ended up getting her sentenced to be House Arrest.. so the drama ended there!!

TMFR: What the fuck!!! Give me 5K now dude in the event I have issues!!! Lets skip forward to you joining Metro and bringing Gauge with you.
WEBMASTER: When I started at Metro running their internet division things immediately changed with Gauge and I. Over the previous 18 months I was able to put her first, but Metro was such an overwhelming task that I could no longer do that. When I started at Metro their web division was in the negative, because they had sites up and running but they were NOT functional. And that means people would visit the site, see it was junk and then never go back. So my job was to not only rebuild the brand, but it was also to get back those people who had negative experiences at the Metro sites. In doing so, I spent less and less time with Gauge. Then Metro approached me and asked me about signing Gauge to a performance contract, plus taking over her website. So, Metro gave me a contract to propose to Gauge and I did. A few changes were made but eventually she signed it based on my word as her best friend. The deal called for her to receive a monthly salary plus a % of her websites revenues and all VHS, DVD and Toy sales originating from her site.
In the beginning everything seemed fine. She was happy because she was a contract girl and could do other things now. She was relentless on updating her website. BUT, we still didn’t get time to talk. Then things started to unravel.

Que? How so?
WEBMASTER: Well, she wasn’t working much. She wasn’t getting any calls from the office to shoot, or direct, or anything. She was suppose to do 3 or 4 scenes a month but no one called her to work and Gauge gets ansy so she was frustrated.

Fuck, I’m a contract girl now and I LOVE my schedule!! Wake up, smoke a bowl, work once a week, read email, update Lukeford, smoke another bowl!!
WEBMASTER: I think Gauge was pretty similar, but at least the company your with communicates with you. Metro put Gauge on the back burner and that infuriated her. They were pushing Britney Sky, Bridgette Kerkove and Ann Marie and Gauge was more popular than all of those girls combined but used the least and she felt disrespected.

She blamed you?
WEBMASTER: Ya, and I guess I am responsible. I brought her to Metro, and she came based on my word. Then I let her swim with the sharks (Les Rich) who basically played games with her day after day when it came to getting her website monies or even stats for her website. She hit a stone wall and was getting pissed. The one thing about Rich, he points the finger at everyone to divert the attention away from himself. And Gauge was resentful of me, and in all truth I deserve it !! She was my best friend and I simply stopped paying attention to her and she got screwed over and it hurt her career. Metro and Les Rich basically hurt her career.

What happeened when you took opver production at Metro?
WEBMASTER: Kenny gave me very explicit instruction on trying to smooth things over with Gauge. So I went to LA and met with her and her lawyer to see if we could get her back. The meeting went well and she took some time to think about it. THEN Les Rich decided to get involved again, and as soon as he did all discussions ended and we never heard from her again.
………….story in progress!!!

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