Scott and I wake up at 8 in the morning and wished we never did. We had to fly into Hyanass airport in Cape Cod and then rent a car!!! Not to forget Scott went out last night till 4 in the morning drinking mind erasers.

So we arrive to the cape and get white trash breakfast because we all miss it so much. We passed McDonald’s screaming “WAY TO GO MOM”. Then we see burger king “STOP HERE MOM BEFORE YOU GET ON THE HIGHWAY”. “OK KIDS” says mom.
Now are bellies are full of fast food Scott and I pass out in the back with Jessie (the dawg).

Screaming from the front seat “IS NIKKI AWAKE?” “NO MOM” SAYS LARA. “LEAVE HER ALONE SHES SLEEPING.” I jump up whats up? MOM SAYS, “ WERE IN BOSTON”. LARA SAYS “GO BACK TO SLEEP THERES JUST THREE BUILDINGS AND A BUNCH OF CONTRUCTION.” OK. So I get up and start taking picture of the beautiful city.

Picture this we go into his mother’s alley where her car should be. Not there!!!! This is where the mayhem starts! Scotts ready to jump out of the rent car because he just doesn’t want to deal with life. Anyways she thinks someone stole it or got towed. It got towed because one of her workers parked in the wrong spot.
So we are having lunch in Boston next to Scotts mom store and we order food and relax a little.

Oh in the mean time well we are waiting for lunch to arrive. Scott is trying to book a flight A.S.AP. He got a flight for tomorrow instead of Monday night flight. Tomorrow I pick him up at the airport at 5:00pm LAX. Anyone that wants to pick him up e-mail me! PLEASE!!! Back to lunch it was delicious and hit the spot for me. Scott looked liked he wasn’t very happy even after lunch.  He looked like he needed.  A)  to see his dog. B) To do a fat line of coke off some porn stars tit or C) wanted to go home to fuckin LA!

Scott’s mom is very sweet and harmless but 7 days too long. We got done with lunch and went to her store and I bought I few things to make her happy. Then Scott and I went on our own and headed into fumeal hall. Where we can get the best cookies EVER! This is what I was told by Scott and Keith. By this time its 3:30 and I have to be at the airport between 4 and 4:20! And Scotts lost because of the extreme construction that they are doing in Boston. But I was impressed Scott got me to the airport around 3:45 and we were at the famous cookie store. HOLLA! We get every kind a dozen each. They are pretty fuckin good!

He was telling me that this was going to be the worst night ever. First, let me remind you he had lunch at 3:00pm. He said FUCK I JUST WANT TO LEAVE. I’ve been here way to long miss my dog. I just had lunch and I have to go to dinner at 6:00pm. He kept repeating DINNER AT 6, DINNER AT 6… WHO EATS AT 6? THEN WE ARE GOING TO INDIA FOOD THAT’S EVEN FUCKIN WORSE AND ALL GIRLS. Scotts pissed! Scott again “THEN I AM LEAVING A DAY EARLIER BUT ITS COSTING ME 160 TO CHANGE IT.” Scott was not having a good day! Also he had to deal with our luggage and us. 

Plus he had to get TMFR to the airport. I can totally see why he’s stressed.

The real reason is because he’s want to do a huge line of cocaine! I want to go home to my dog and all my bongs! HOLLA!


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