Fayner Posts: It was mid afternoon and there was a knock on the door. That never happens. Only a handful of people know where I live and that’s how I want it. I knew it wasn’t TR ’cause she starts yelling dumb shit when she’s near, and I knew it wasn’t Testa ’cause he’s a faggot and vacationing in Europe.

Who can that be knocking at my door?

Dani Woodward, that’s who. Unannounced even. Fucking dyke.

What did she want? Narcotics? Sex? A Fluffer-Nutter sandwich?

Not likely. She wanted August’s phone number ’cause she broke her phone and didn’t have anyone’s digits.

I gave it to her.

"Do you have Craven’s?" she asked. I did.

"Penny Flame?" I didn’t.

"I don’t," I said.

"That sucks! I fucking love her! If I knew where she lived I go and stalk her ’til she let me lick her pussy!"

"You’re a fucking crazy  dyke," I screamed. "Penny is too! It’s a perfect match."

"I’m a dyke but I love cock, and Penny is straight but she loves pussy. I seriously want to stalk her."

"I wonder who would win in a continuous talking competition between you two," I chirped. "God, I would hate to be there for that."

I then made Dani lift up her top, followed by asking her to leave.

"Can you call my phone so I’ll have your number?" she asked as she got in her car. I did.

Five minutes later she called while I was on the phone, so I called he back when I got off.

"Someone just called me from this number," she said. "Who is this?"

"Are you serious?" I asked. "You asked me minutes ago to call you with my number. Are you that dizzy?"

"No seriously," she inquired, "who is this?"

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