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Taylor Spielberg,

While I remain bummed about your severe commentary (STICK TO YOUR DAY JOB) on the other day. I do want to apologize, on a professional level, for costing you and Defiance time and money. The choice to attempt a scene with my wife Tory was made in an effort to assist her and you guys in a boy/girl scene, which is something she chooses not to do with anyone but me. It was obviously a bad idea, and has created some tension, so let me address a few points.

I have a new found respect for male talent and have come to the conclusion that performing on camera is no easy task. I realize that this is especially true when you are trying to get wood for a scene you are doing with your wife. It became clear to me how intimidating, and pressure filled this line of work can prove to be.

With all of that said, you will be happy to know that not only have I changed my name to LIMP RICK GAMELESS, I have also learned a valuable lesson and have decided to keep my day job.

One more thing- Tory is my wife and her choice with regard to her career is her personal business, neither of us will apologize for that, so get over it and move on. You more than anyone should be supportive of any girl in our business that wants to have a life above and beyond porno. As a female director you are an affront to other girls in the business and sabotage any ones attempt at taking you seriously and that’s a shame because the “hater” attitude belittles you and the rest of the girls that do this for a living who try to have some kind of normal personal life.  For the record- Tory is her own person and makes up her own mind who she fucks and whether there is a camera on or not. I do believe that the finger pointing and career blaming is meant to antagonize and manipulate our present choice of monogamy, but it is predictable, obvious and is futile.  In closing, I hope there are no hard feelings and remember that next time perhaps the tone deaf, annoyance of your voice won’t hang like a dark “limp dick” cloud over my already challenged “keeping my muthafuckin day job” stroke session.

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