The Poison Pen writes: Young gun, and perpetually-rising gonzo shooter, Van Styles is out at Hustler. This comes as no surprise given the corporate climate that has besieged Hustler lately. Van joins Kat Slater, Jack the Zipper, Mason and Joe Gallant as resent émigrés of the Hustler regime.

Bring your life jackets boys, cause Hustler is up shit’s creek without a paddle. That leaves the enigmatic Tom Zupko as Hustler’s contract shooter and I can’t see that lasting long. As for Van, who directed my favorite interracial flick of the year, Take It Black 2, there’s no doubt he’ll land on his feet. Word has it that he is already signed to Pulse Pictures, run by former Hustler bigwigs Jim Kohls and Mark Hamilton. I also hear Steve Hirsch is financing the Pulse operation, which is being run out of the Red Light offices.  



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