Check out for the breaking story about Defiance Films being sued by Metro and Kenny Guarino.

The funniest thing to me was that they got a quote from "general counsel" Lesley Rich, OH MY GOD, I met this guy and now I find out he’s a lawyer. I thought he was some putz that tested novelty products. Every time people mentioned his name it was because this Les Rich guy is famous for 1) smacking himself in the head all the time, 2) being cockeyed, 3) being an absolute idiot, 4) hiding under a desk one day because he was afraid Gauge was going to kick his ass, and 5) he’s well known for grabbing novelty samples to take home and shove up hisa ass. WOW, General Counsel, well considering Guarino often brags about only having a 5th grade education I guess it’s not to hard to conceive him hiring a moron to be General Counsel to his company.

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