A little birdie told me that the only thing "thick-set" on the secretary with the "joisey accent" are her set of hooters.  This girl is going to be a certain fatso Metro executive’s worst nightmare instead of his favorite fantasy like she used to be.  Oh, she may look like a dumb blonde, but she knows her stuff and he knows she knows her stuff.  Apparently she had her hand in almost every aspect of Metro’s business on both coasts but she refused to put her hand in the owner’s pants, and working in such an unhealthy environment at crumbling Metro made her so sick, she landed in the hospital more than once.  But don’t worry about her.  She’s a strong little girl who is back to herself and ready to ruffle some feathers, or perhaps belly fat, on a certain someone who kicked her when she was down even though she was the most dedicated employee Metro ever saw.  Hope his wife is understanding!

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