Dear Coke-vacuum, When I first read your post about 9/11, I was really tempted to email you. ( mostly to call you a whiney bitch for crying during a Natl. Geographic special ). But I decided against it when I realized A) I actually agreed with most of what you said, and B) my hatred of you is rooted primarily in envy of any man who spends his days and nights chin-deep in drugs and pussy. However, after reading Michael M’s conservative tirade, I felt compelled to respond. It reminded me once again of the average American’s supernatural capacity for self-delusion.

First of all, 9/11 was indeed tragic, but it was also inevitable. It wasnt Bush’s fault. It wasnt Clinton’s fault. And it wasn’t the result of flawed intelligence gathering. 9/11 was an attack by one or more terror networks, carried out with the indirect support of several 3rd world countries that have each, in their own way, been brutally assfucked by the US and its puppet states. I’m not saying we deserved it. I’m saying we’ve been asking for it.
Secondly, the invasion of Iraq is completely unrelated to the attacks on 9/11. Except, of course, for the obvious fact that Bush would like you to believe it’s related. Although I’m sure there were some terror cells working out of Iraq before the war, they were a fraction of the terror activity being conducted there now. And for that matter, a fraction of the terrorists operating out of the good ol’ USA. Saddam was no radical Islamic fundamentalist. He was nothing more than a power-hungry, secular tyrannt. And although he was a brutal dictator, to try to justify the war by claiming he killed more Iraqis than we have, is the weakest kind of bullshit rationalization. Michael M probably thinks slavery was justified because ‘at least the slaves were clothed and fed’, and so much better off than the destitute savages left back in famine ravaged Africa..?.
Finally, I’m sick to death of hearing pseudo-patriots crow about how the troops in Iraq are “fighting for our freedom”. Excuse me? The troops in Iraq aren’t fighting for my freedom. They’re fighting to advance the economic interests of George W and the corporate svengalis that put him in office. Saddam Hussein wasn’t nearly as big a threat to American freedom as John Ashcroft was or his mini-me Alberto Gonzales. It’s ironic to me that the same wingnuts that prattle on about honoring the soldiers that “gave us our freedom”, are so willing to sign away that very freedom when it’s threatened by covert attacks like 2257. 2257 isn’t about anything so noble as “protecting children”. It’s simply another hamfisted attempt by the Morality Police to drive the porn business into bankruptcy by miring it in legal entanglements. As for Michael M’s closing statement: “…we are all supposed to be one nation, together the last I checked.” I can only respond by asking, since when? Disagreeing with the president and his “precious office” is the right and privelege of every American. But maybe he was confused? Maybe he was thinking of Nazi Germany?
And that’s all I have to say about that. Now gimme some titties.
~ Will M.

If I’d known about the deal you had with TMFR, I woulda killed that fucking dog myself. Pussy-pink background color notwithstanding, I still love the site.
Wow, I can’t believe I got through this whole email without making any Jew jokes. I must be getting soft.
peace nigga!

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