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RedTube Predicts Oscar Winners

Hollywood’s biggest night is almost upon us. This Sunday, February 26, the Dolby Theater will fill up with some of the industry’s biggest names. The host, none other than late night talk-show star Jimmy Kimmel. The nominees? Well there are plenty! La La Land leads with the most nominations of the year with 14, the last movie to get this many nods was Titanic in 1997. The coming-of-age tale Moonlight, and sci-fi thriller Arrival are tough contenders, each with 8 nods of their own.    After polling more than 100,000 RedTube viewers from all over the world about who they thought would take home awards in the end, clear winners were established for some of the most anticipated awards of the evening. We’ve already correctly predicted two other major events, let’s take a closer look at the results from our most recent survey and see if we can do it again.  

Although it’s usually the last award of the night, we thought we would start with the award for Best Picture. By a landslide, La La Land is the film most likely to walk away with an Oscar for this award. Hacksaw Ridge came a very far second with 12% of the votes and was followed by Arrival and Hidden Figures, both with 10% each. Manchester by the Sea (6%), Lion (5%), Moonlight (4%), Fences (3%) and Hell or High Water (2%) rounded out the category with only a handful of RedTube users predicting a big win for these titles.  

If RedTube viewers are correct, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone should bring home another two awards for the film. Gosling for Leading Actor, up against Denzel Washington for his role in Fences; Andrew Garfield from Hacksaw Ridge; Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea and Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic. While Stone, up for Lead Actress should beat out Nathalie Portman who portayed Jackie O Kennedy in Jackie; Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins; Isabelle Huppert in Elle and Ruth Negga from the film Loving, according to our poll.   


Unlike 2016, there was a noted improvement with respect to lack of diversity in the list of nominations this year. In the Supporting Actor category, RT viewers are torn between Jeff Bridges and Dev Patel for their supporting roles in (respectively) Hell or High Water and Lion. Moonlight‘s Mahershala Ali was close behind with 21% of the votes, followed by Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea (17%) and Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals (13%). As for Supporting Actress, Viola Davis is predicted to win for her role in Fences. Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) and Nicole Kidman (Lion) are close second, each with 20% of the votes. 

If our viewers predict correctly (as they have with the US election and Grammy Awards), La La Land should also take home an award for Best Directing. Damien Chazelle was a step ahead of the pack with 51% of the votes in this category. Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge received 21% of the votes; Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, 10%; Manchester by the Sea received 10% for their directing, by Kenneth Lonergan and Barry Jenkins walked away with 8% of the votes for his film Moonlight.   

The last two categories we polled viewers on were Best Writing – Original Screenplay and Best Writing Adapted Screenplay. Both received very different results. First up, Best Writing – Original Screenplay. Although the title might not scream original to some, La La Land is predicted to win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay with 49% of the votes. Manchester by the Sea and 20th Century Women were tied up with 16%, while Hell or High Water received 12% and The Lobster received a mere 7%. 

Finally, Best Adapted Screenplay. Our viewers have their money on Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi’s film, Hidden Figures. Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins and written by Tarell Alvin McCraney received 20% of viewer votes. While Arrival by Eric Heisserer, Lion originally written by Luke Davies and Fences written by August Wilson round out the category.   

2017 Oscars: Who will win, who will lose

Every year the city of Los Angeles and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences work together to organize of one the biggest events of the year at the Dolby Theater (formerly known as Kodak Theater, for all you old folks) in Hollywood. What event? You might ask. Well, none other than the annual Oscar awards ceremony, duh! While the Academy works out last minute logistics, we at RedTube thought we would take to the streets (figuratively speaking, of course) to ask you- our loyal viewers, to help us predict who you think should win an Oscar on Sunday, February 26.

The battle lines have been drawn and here are some of the nominees, let us know who you think should take home a gold statue at next weeks 89th Annual Academy Awards. You hit the nail on the head with your Grammy predictions and the US elections, let’s see if third time really is a charm.





RedTube’s Dirty Cupid

There are some holidays that are unanimously liked by most people in this world. Christmas or Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and Saint Patty’s day to name a few. Valentine’s Day is most definitely not, one of those holidays. For some, it’s a silent reminder that another year has passed and they are (still) single. While for others it’s a time to celebrate their relationship with some quality time together. For others it’s an excuse to ask for (or treat yo’self to) those expensive earrings you’ve been eyeing for the last 9 months. Most people have mixed feelings about the hallmark holiday and we at RedTube want to help settle those feelings. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Dirty Cupid.

Starting today, RedTube is urging all of it’s users to send their burning questions to our resident lover boy, Dirty Cupid. Until February 14th, we will be accepting any and all questions focused on L-O-V-E. It’s very easy, just send a tweet to @Redtube using the hastag #DirtyCupid. We will then pick the best of the best and on v-day, we will be posting 30 second videos (on youtube) of Dirty Cupid answering them, all. day. long.

Ever wondered about that sex-position you saw on RedTube and how to pull it off like a pro? Tweet Dirty Cupid. Wondering how to get that girl across the street to fall madly in love with you? Tweet Dirty Cupid. Not sure if that guy you started seeing thinks the relationship is exclusive, wanna find out how to find out? Tweet Dirty Cupid. And on February 14th, don’t forget to check out our youtube page to see the answers. If your question does get selected on Valentine’s Day, we will tweet you back with the link to your video. Oh and we won’t hold it against you if you feel inclined to share the post.

Grammy Predictions – We asked, you voted

It was not too long ago that we at RedTube, asked our users to help us predict the U.S. election. And as it turns out, your prediction came true. We are back at it again, only this time we are trusting you to help predict the Grammy winners at this year’s awards ceremony. A couple of weeks ago we hosted a survey on the site to see which artists you think will walk away with a Grammy. We’ll need to tune into the broadcast on Sunday, February 12th to see if you were right in your predictions, but for now, here’s how more than 100,000 of our viewers voted.

Let’s begin with the most anticipated award of the evening, Record of the Year. With 39% of viewer votes, Adele’s recent hit “Hello” should get her the Grammy for this one. Although “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots is pretty close, with 24%. Queen Bey rounds out this category with a mere 11% for her anthem “Formation”.   



“Hello from the other side” is right! If our viewers had a say in who should walk away with this year’s Grammy’s Adele would be on her own playing field. Voted most likely to walk away with Album of the Year and Song of the Year, Adele is pulling ahead of the other nominees with her album “25” and popular hit “Hello”. Beliebers came out voted for their main man but JB’s “Purpose” falls second for Album of Year. She tired to make lemonade from lemons, but Beyonce is tied at 3rd with Drake for their albums (respectively) “Lemonade” and “Views”. “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” comes in last with 3% of the votes for Album of the Year.


Moving on to Best New Artist, The Chainsmokers were voted most likely to take home the gold in this category. With top 40 hits like “Closer”, “Don’t let me Down” and “All We Know” it’s no wonder they have the popular vote. Best Pop Solo Performance goes to queen of the evening, Adele for her song “Hello” followed extremely closely by pop diva Ariana Grande with her summer hit “Dangerous Woman”.  OG American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson rounds out the category with 7% of the votes. No surprise here, Adele also takes home a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album of the year with 32% of votes.

“Death of a Bachelor” received 38% of the votes for Best Rock Album this year. Blink 182’s “California” followed with 33% of the votes. The winner for Best Alternative Music was the late, great David Bowie. According to our viewers, his last album “Blackstar” would add another notch on his Grammy awards belt.


We all remember that time Kanye West stole the mic from T-Swift to pronounce that “Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time”. Well this year, Yeezy is going up against Queen Bey for Best Rap/Sung Performance, both tied in second with 17% of the votes. Although we’ll have to wait ’til Feb. 12 to see if any drama goes on should she win instead of him, one thing is for sure- our viewers aren’t counting of either of them to take home the award in this category. Canadian cutie, Drake is the front runner with 44% of the votes for “Hotline Bling”.

Don’t forget to tune into CBS on Feb 12 to see if we were right or wrong. In the meantime, didn’t get to vote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Inauguration Day by the Numbers; Trump vs. Obama

January 20th was an important day for all Americans with the inauguration of their 45th president, Donald Trump.  The event was broadcast live on television and online and we thought we would check out how traffic on our site was affected during the inauguration.  To add an extra dimension we partnered with The Wrap to compare the new stats to the last time the White House changed hands; when President Obama was sworn in for the first time in 2009.

Throughout the day, RedTube traffic across the United States dropped by 13% , compared to only -8% during the 2009 Inauguration. Looking at hourly traffic to the site, it seems as though President Trump’s inauguration had very little effect on our traffic. Usually daily traffic falls below average between 4am and 10am, and around 11am it starts to pick up until it peaks at midnight. On Trump’s inauguration day, we see that traffic hit its lowest at 11am, right when the inauguration started and then began to pick up again around 12:30pm- very close to the norms. Whereas during Obama’s first inauguration, we see very clear peaks in traffic before and immediately after his swearing in- likely because even the most loyal among our viewers didn’t want to miss the historic event.


When we compare the traffic in this same way from state to state, we can see that in 2009, traffic in typically Democratic states have some of the greatest drops in traffic during the swearing in of the former President. Most areas of the United States saw a decrease in traffic, however there were a few that experienced an increase. Republican states like West Virginia and Alabama actually saw an increase in traffic during President Obama’s inauguration, perhaps because they had to let off a load to ease the fact that it wasn’t their party’s leader coming into the white house.


During the 2017 inauguration of President Trump, while South Dakota and North Dakota had the highest increase in traffic on Friday (up 11% and 10%, respectively), the states with the largest drops in traffic included Oklahoma (-32%), Kansas (-28%) and New Mexico (-25%). Besides Oklahoma and Kansas, other states that saw a decrease in traffic included Montana, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. All of which generally known as red states, leading us to believe they may have been waiting patiently to see President Trump, the Republican candidate, be sworn in as 45th President of the USA on the news.


We also took a quick look at popular search terms now and then. In 2009 ‘Obama’ increased a whopping 844%, while searches ‘Sarah Palin,’ who made quite a few waves during the 2009 electoral campaign, increased by 79%.


This year on the other hand, RedTube viewers kept it in the family…for the most part. Searches for the new First Lady increased by 970% while searches for President Trumps’ daughters Ivanka and Tiffany increased by 390% and 379%, and searches for the Donald grew by 253%. The POTUS’ campaign manager made an appearance as well with searches for ‘Kelly Trump Anal” increasing by 321%. It should also be noted that searches for ‘Golden Showers’ were up by 50%.



For those interested in how traffic in each state was effected in 2009 vs 2017, take a look at the chart below.



The Grammy Awards – Viewers Choice Survey

In early December of 2016, the list of nominees for the 59th annual Grammy awards was released. Leading the pack with 9 Grammy nods total (including Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year) Beyoncé could beat the current female record holder Alison Krauss, for most Grammy wins if she walks out with 8 of those 9 awards. Close behind Queen Bey is Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West who each scored 8 nominations this year.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday, February 12th to see who takes home the hardware. But for now we thought we’d take it online and see who our viewers are placing their money on. Check out the poll below and let us know what you think.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Redtube Insights

On December 16th at 12 a.m., millions of excited fans packed into movie theaters around the world for the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The film drew in a cool $29 mil on the night of it’s premiere. Although not nearly enough to pull ahead of The Force Awakens, it is nonetheless the biggest premiere of the year so far pulling ahead of Batman vs. Superman and Captain America: Civil War. We decided to check in and see how user behavior would be affected by the release of the film, here’s what we found.

Beginning at the as early as Thanksgiving weekend, Redtube began to see a slight increase in the volume of searches related to the film. Probably because it was right around this time that the media started talking more and more about the upcoming premiere. The search volume really started to pick up on December 13, the day the movie opened in Los Angeles. The biggest jump in volume, however, came on December 16th, the day the film premiered worldwide. That day we saw a +332% increase in search volume, about 4.3 times the usual volume.


We also saw an increase in some Star Wars related search terms over the weekend the film first hit theaters. ‘Star wards force rising’ saw the greatest increase (+537%). The franchise name got twisted into some pretty entertaining search terms as well, including ‘star whores’, ‘sex wars’, ‘star wars xxx’ and ‘star wars clone wars’.  ‘Princess leia’ was the most searched for character from the film, followed by ‘rey’ and ‘darth vader blowjob’. Then of course there’s our personal favorite- one that always sees a good increase in growth whenever a Star Wars movie comes out, ‘anal lightsaber’, up 73% this time around.



With that, we thank you for tuning in, and may the force be with you this holiday season. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Hanukkah; A Twist on the Traditional

Hanukkah, the eight day festival of lights is primarily practiced at home. Traditionally, families gather together and light the Menorah, they sing songs, play dreidel, receive gifts and eat latkes, sufganiot (AKA potato pancakes and jelly donuts, respectively) and other foods which are fried in tons of oil (’tis the season, am I right?). Redtube partnered up with our friends at Maxim to see what traditions users were searching for most during this holiday.

Perhaps a less traditional practice includes individuals cozying up in front of their computer screen- or tablet or mobile phone, during this holy time to search for some of those terms and traditions on Redtube. First up and most searched was “Hanukkah”. In second place not far behind the holiday itself was “Rabbi”, followed closely by “Chanukah”.  The list of course includes traditional terms related to the holiday like “Menorah”, “Yiddish”, “Dreidel” and- one that always makes us LOL, “Hanukkah Bush”.  Increase in these search terms could be explained by the mere fact that spending 8 days inside your home, eating delicious foods and lighting candles would do that to a person.

The volume of search related Hanukkah terms increased in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and of course the holy land itself, Israel. Other countries did notice a small change in volume, but the above more so…probably because these countries all have decent-sized Jewish populations.



Let us know what you will be searching for this holiday season in the comments section below.


Moana Pozzi – Redtube Search Results

In the past, Disney studios has had to change their movie titles in different geographic areas for a number of reasons. When the studio released their latest film “Moana” they probably never anticipated having to change the title in Italy for this reason; seems as though the name of a late Italian pornstar (Moana Pozzi) resembles that of the hero from the animated movie. In order to avoid people landing on Moana Pozzi when they google search the animated character “Moana”, Disney decided to swap the title to “Oceania” in Italy. We’ve partnered with FHM to see how Redtube traffic and searches are being affected.

After remaining at a pretty steady rate since beginning of November, we’ve noticed searches for the late pornstar increased drastically beginning November 13th up until the 18th, when they peaked. This very well could be related back to the fact that people who ran a quick google search of the animated movie pulled up some interesting results. Leaving users with curious thoughts, which lead them (inevitably) to our site.



The highest number of searches came from Italy. Being that Moana Pozzi was a popular Italian pornstar, it is very possible that following all the press attention the animated movie received over the last few weeks, Italians were feeling nostalgic about the late star, and decided to look her up for old times’ sake. The U.S of A, Poland and Brazil were not too far behind Italy in terms of searches. This leads us to believe that they too, may have felt a deep connection to Moana.




We hope you enjoyed our latest post. Have any comments? Feel free to share your thoughts below.



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RedTube’s Black Friday Stats

Every year millions of Americans gather around the dining table, to feast and to give thanks for everything they have. Then, around 2am on Friday morning, they pack into the car, and drive over to the mall- at which point, they proceed to stomp over men, women and small children for the latest edition Vizio 55-inch 4K TV (at a highly discounted price, of course). This very special Friday is otherwise known as Black Friday, and our friends at FHM were curious to see how RedTube users, traffic and searches would be affected by it- if at all.


Thanks to our anonymized interest data provided by our analytics software, we are able to identify site users based on their interests and shopping preferences this season. This allows us to offer-up more insights on how and why our site is affected. Given Black Friday is the honorary Holiday season kick-off date, it makes sense that the number one category RedTube users are shopping for is “Holiday & Seasonal” items, with a +116% increase in interest. Followed by “Autos & Vehicles” with an in-market interest increase (say that 10 times fast) of +95%, close behind that is “Televisions” and “Kitchen appliances” at +90% and +87%. Could be explained by the fact that usually, these are the items that get marked-down the most. At the bottom of the list is “Men’s Apparel”, “Computers” and “Swimwear” with an increase between +32% and +34%.


Search terms on RedTube that noticed an increase during Black Friday include “Black Friday” which went up by +991%, “Shopping” (+204%), “Mall” (+155%) and finally “Changing Room” and “Dressing Room” which jumped up in the top searched list by +92% and +90% (respectively). With everyone in the retail spirit, these are all terms that clearly tie back to Black Friday so we are not surprised to see an increase there. Some other search terms that saw a more unusual and unexpected increase in popularity include “Rich” (+48%), “Pay Debt” (+46%) and “Fast Food” (+41%). Users may be stressed about some bills they racked up throughout the day, hopefully they found solace on the site.



If we deep dive into the more obvious Black Friday related searches, terms that experienced a high search rate include “Walmart”, “Shopping”, “Mall”, “Changing Room” and of course “Black Friday”. During the two weeks leading up to, and following Black Friday, “Walmart” got the highest number of searches, up +231% on Black Friday, compared to the average. Next in line was  “Mall” (+186%) followed by “Shopping” (+118%).  Strangely enough, “Black Friday” peaked on December 5th (after the big day had passed) at +85%. The peak on November 27th for all of these terms could be explained by the mere fact that people are travelling for the holiday. Once they’ve arrived at their destination and have stuffed themselves full of leftover turkey, traffic to our site skyrockets right back up, before they head home.













Some other searches that experienced an increase include terms relating to our Ebony content. For example, “Big booty black girl”, “Black couple” or “Black sex”, which all saw significant rises. These could be explained simply by the fact that users were inspired by the shopping holiday and are found other (more creative) ways to incorporate it into their searches.



Throughout the day traffic came through the site on all types of devices, as per usual. An interesting note to mention is that between 2am and 5am, traffic on all devices (desktop, tablet and phone) dipped significantly, compared to average traffic rates during this timeframe. Traffic from tablets dropped – 27%, desktops were down -10% and phones, by -24%. Usually shopping begins at that time on Black Friday, so this could be why the traffic is so low. Traffic rates pick right back up around noon, possibly when user have decided they spent enough and need to blow off some steam.  The biggest increase at that time comes from users on phones (+25%) and tablets (+33%), it’s possible these users just couldn’t wait to get home…



On Black Friday users from Wyoming, Colorado, California and Virginia (to name a few) had to set some priorities for themselves and it seems that time with family and friends, shopping or “other”, took precedence over visiting RedTube. Traffic in these states, dropped anywhere from -11% to -2%.  Arkansas, Indiana and Utah are filled with loyal users however, whose viewership on Black Friday actually increased (+19%, +18% and +17% respectively).



Let us know what’s on your shopping list this holiday season in the comments below. If this wasn’t quite your jam, take a look at some of our other articles here.