Linking to porn just got a whole lot easier

The adult industry has for many years tried to play nice with mainstream.  We try and follow the rules social network sites like myspace and facebook put before us, yet even then we get blatantly and openly discriminated against with the myspace’s URL cock blocks and the cancellation of more facebook pages than I can count.  There is hardly a day goes by where we don’t hear about some new porn star getting their facebook page removed for no apparent reason, even if they follow the rules and don’t post nude pics or anything offensive.  And don’t even get me started porn star’s twitpic accounts have been disabled for no apparent reason.  It has been this way for the adult industry for, well for as long as there has been an adult industry.  People love to see us naked, they just don’t want to be seen, seeing us naked.  So as such, we as an industry have to learn to depend on ourselves and develop our own thing gadgets and goodies.

The use of Twitter has obviously become extremely popular with porn companies, porn stars and porn fans alike.  As such the need for an adult friendly URL shortening services has become common place.  If you aren’t sure what that means, it’s basically those websites that take those long and complicated URLs and in return gives you a very short version to use on sites like Twitter and Facebook who limit how many characters you can include on an update.

There are quite a few URL shortening services already but did you know they don’t like adult sites using them? is the newest, they warn their users that they may happen upon objectionable content if they use the service but also say that “Google may provide tools to filter out explicit sexual content”.  While they don’t filter out porn right now, this little part of their TOS sets the path for them to do so in the future, meaning any porn links you shorten with Google’s URL shortening service today may one day stop working and that one day could be any day because in the end, they are just not a porn friendly service. has long been a very popular service for shortening affiliate URLS and did you know they flat out forbids use of adult sites from their service?  Their TOS says you may not post or submit pornographic, obscene, or otherwise actionable or objectionable material.

WordPress has long been a popular blog software for adult webmasters and with the introduction of their new url shortening service I was surprise to learn that they forbid linking to any content that is pornographic.

So what are us naughty little pornographers to do?  In comes SXE.CC.  They are an adult friendly URL shortening service.  Their terms of service don’t prohibit linking to adult sites, and by the design of their site, they clearly encourage it.

Sure you can keep using these other services but don’t go bitching when your short links stop working because they were filtered out or disabled for being pornographic.