Britney Amber to Provide Weekly Sex Advice on Adam and Eve’s Reddit Page


The powerhouse performer will be engaging fans on Reddit weekly.

For Immediate Release: March 19th, 2024

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Award-winning adult actress, model, and ACS Certified Sexologist Britney Amber is set to engage with fans in a groundbreaking initiative on Adam and Eve's sex advice Reddit page - Starting Wednesday, March 20th, at 3 PM PT, Britney will be answering fan questions on sexual pleasure, positions, and all things related to sex.

Britney Amber's extensive experience and expertise make her the perfect candidate to provide practical sex advice to her followers. With a substantial following on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, as well as being a brand ambassador at Cherry.TV and a top content creator at OnlyFans, Britney is well-versed in connecting with her audience. Fans can expect candid and informative responses from Britney every Wednesday afternoon, starting at 3 PM PT.

"I'm so excited to answer your naughtiest questions every Wednesday on Reddit! I can't wait to see what you guys will ask!" exclaimed Britney, expressing her enthusiasm for the initiative.

For those eager to participate, Britney encourages fans to look for the "Ask Britney Amber" thread on late Tuesday afternoons and post their questions there. Wednesday afternoon, Britney will log in to answer any questions posted in that thread, providing valuable insights and advice.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage with Britney Amber and gain valuable sex advice! Join the conversation on Adam and Eve's sex advice Reddit page at

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Dee Siren Initiates An Adult Industry Mentoring Role


Dee is offering her industry experience via XCritic and social media platforms.

For Immediate Release: February 7th, 2020

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Dee Siren ( has stepped into a mentor role to offer new talent the benefit of her career experience. Adult performer, independent content creator, and owner of Siren XXX Studios, Dee has acquired a lot of industry knowledge. Since launching her career in 2010, the former school teacher turned porn star has witnessed a lot. From performing to producing, Dee has ventured into several aspects of the business and now wants to share that with new talent.

"I have faced a lot of struggles in my career, and fortunately, I've had a support team to assist me," said Dee. "For a lot of performers, they don't have that. I feel that this industry has done a lot for me; this is my way of giving back - by sharing my experiences, good and bad. Hopefully, viewers, readers, can take something away from what I share."

Dee made her first contribution to XCritic's new series, X-Mentors. The ongoing feature allows industry professionals to share their tips with newcomers who are learning to navigate the porn landscape. Dee's first installment How to Get Into Porn? ( provides readers her unique take having faced a career change from working in a classroom to getting nude on camera.

Complimenting the X-Mentors series, Dee has begun creating videos for her Youtube channel in which she expounds on her experiences. The candidly intimate videos cover rarely discussed, but essential wellness topics like battling social anxiety during conventions, how to stay healthy at a convention, and the ways award nominations can benefit a performer. Subscribe to Dee's channel to watch the videos

Additional plans include for Dee to launch a podcast on Demon Seed Radio. The show is already in pre-production and will make its debut in the coming weeks.

Dee Siren is sharing her industry experience on several platforms! Those starting a career in adult entertainment need to see what Dee has to say!

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Approaching Anal Sex Like A Gentleman

Once upon a time, the discussion of anal sex was a touchy subject for some women, but times have changed. That being said, it should still be treated delicately. 

How does one bring up the proposal of butt stuff? If it’s with your longtime lady, it will be a breeze (I mean not always.), but what if it’s a relatively new relationship? Well, I hope this article can shed some light and turn your partner’s sarcastic frown upside down. 

I would suggest trying the direct approach and straight up asking her if it’s something she is interested in trying. Being polite and reassuring her that things will go according to her comfort level will go a long way. In the end, plenty of women actually end up loving it.

Most importantly, USE LOTS OF LUBE! As I woman, I can attest to the fact that it will not be pleasurable the first time if you jump in dry… LIKE AT ALL! Get a water-based lube of your choice and oil that baby up. The less uncomfortable it is for her, the more likely she will be to want to do this again.

Take it slow. There’s no need to rush things, and she’ll appreciate you for it later. Let her take charge of the pace and degree of penetration.

Finally, BE PATIENT. If she completely shuts you down, don’t push the subject. You can bring it up in the future, but never, I repeat, never be pushy. Sometimes a little time is all it takes for her to come around.

I hope this article has provided you with a few helpful tips. If not, oh well. I tried haha.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life This Holiday Season

A healthy sex life is an essential part of any successful relationship.  Whether you’re in a new romance or have been together for years, the seasonal stress can get the best of us and put a damper on our sex lives.  But here’s the good news: We’ve got the solution!  Put the wrapping paper down.  Finish the cleaning later.  Take a moment to think of yourselves and your needs.  Allow us to share a few suggestions on how to spice up your sex life this holiday season.

Play the “strangers” game.  Meet up in a random place like a restaurant or bar for ex. and pretend you are meeting for the first time.  You can even go as far as making up new personas for yourselves.  Drive somewhere you’ve never been and create new identities.  Be sure to stay in character all night.  The possibilities are endless.

SEXT SEXT & SEXT SOME MORE.  Swap sexy texts or nudes throughout the day to work yourselves up for a fun-filled evening.  Honestly, what’s better than having a visual of what you have to look forward to later that night?

Cook together.  Sounds boring right?  Well, it doesn’t have to be.  Make things interesting by sharing sexual favours while the other prepares part of the meal.

Spend a night at a hotel.  Sometimes all you need is the change of scenery.  Spending some time together without the constant reminder that you have chores to get done will ease your mind and help you get into the mood.

Sex Wishlists.  Write sexy wish lists with things you want your partner to do to you.  Then spend the night completing each other’s lists together.


Happy Holidays!

& you’re welcome :p


Raven Hart’s Latest Column on Slutty Girl Problems

Yes, it’s the second month of Raven Hart’s sex advice column on mainstream site Slutty Girl Problems and her newest column is packed with information and sexiness. Learn more about fantasies, desires, and porn. Check it out at:


Raven Hart Pens Advice Column for Slutty Girl Problems

One of the things we do for our clients is get them mainstream coverage. We were over the moon when we scored Raven Hart her own sex advice column with the hugely popular mainstream site Slutty Girl Problems.

Raven’s monthly column will include two editions. Her first column answering readers’ questions about BDSM Basics is now up. Read it at The next column is tomorrow, and focuses on relationships.