“Welcome Ritaa Bang” Dire Desires Unleashes Amazing New Scene

Popular Pro-Am Site Also Launches Podcast on YouTube

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Dire Desires has another amazing new pro-am release on their award-nominated site! “Welcome Ritaa Bang” features the foxy cutie with an irresistible booty showing off all her skills! A feisty lover, Jay admits her passion and energy brought the scene to the next level, earning the luscious babe a creamy reward!

“So here we have this little firecracker Ritaa Bang,” Jay said. “Who I have wanted to work for a long time, she was worth the wait let’s say. But I don’t think that Rita expected the dick to be as good as she told me it was. I loved her energy and it ended with an unexpected creampie.”

Ritaa said she enjoyed the experience from start to finish.

“It was wonderful you know, he made sure I was comfortable, kept in contact before and after working, not like most overly horny dudes out here.,” said Bang, adding “he’s a real cool gentleman, gave me some pointers and details on how to up my content some more and what I could do better.”

She also shared what the actual sex was like in the scene, working with Jay, and how much she enjoyed it!

“Now that we got that out the way let’s talk about the sex. The man is amazing. It’s like he knows sex is an art, our body/room is the canvas and we’re the artists if I’m making sense. I wouldn’t mind working with him over and over again. You don’t meet too many men like that.”

Experience their erotic artistry now at https://diredesires.com/members/welcome-ritaa-bang/.

Dire Desires doesn’t just make hot scenes, they’ve also launched a brand-new podcast via YouTube. Owner Jay kicks off the new interview-themed vlog by answering some of the top questions he’s been asked by fans, sharing his backstory, business decisions along his porn journey, as well as his vision for the future.

Check out “From Broke to 60K A Month Doing Porn” now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6_K–B1EYo.

Follow Ritaa Bang on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bitesizeri.

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