Zariah Aura Unveiled as December’s Transfixed MUSE!

Transfixed has chosen the stunning Zariah Aura as its December MUSE. Get ready to be captivated by her undeniable charm and beauty throughout the month!

In her scene, “MUSES: Zariah Aura,” we delve into Zariah’s world as she steps in front of the lens of her admired photographer, Tommy King. As Zariah poses, her alluring figure illuminated by each flash, the chemistry between them becomes palpable. The lines between professionalism and desire blur, and the world transforms from black-and-white to bursts of erotic colors. When their longing for each other becomes too intense to resist, the REAL session begins.

Reflecting on her role as December’s Transfixed MUSE, Zariah shared her thoughts: “As an artist, at heart it is very important for me to express myself creatively. My MUSES scene was so exciting to shoot since I chose my look, my co-star, and the full vision.” She added, “This project thrills me because it allows me to let my fans and industry peers enter into my fantasy world. I can’t wait for everyone to witness my growth as a performer and I am so grateful to Bree Mills, Stella Smut, and the rest of the Adult Time team for believing in me. It’s so amazing to have an opportunity like this so early on in my career.”

Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills said, “Stella Smut and crew did an absolutely fantastic job with this production, taking the concept that Zariah envisioned and bringing it to life beyond my expectations. The intro sequence is one of the finest things we’ve shot all year and it’s a true testament to their creativity and collaboration. Also want to give a shout out to K.T. Wells, our production designer, who styled Zariah and Tommy to perfection!”

In addition to being the MUSE for December, Zariah Aura will also be celebrating her birthday on December 20. Coincidentally, Transfixed will be dropping her next festive feature release, “Wrapped with a Bow,” on the same day. It’s a double celebration you won’t want to miss!

Stay tuned as Zariah Aura takes part in a month of promotional projects for Transfixed, showcasing her undeniable talent and captivating presence. Join us in celebrating her as our MUSE for December and mark your calendars for her upcoming birthday release, “Wrapped with a Bow”!

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MUSES: Kasey Kei

We’re thrilled to present Kasey Kei as April’s Transfixed MUSE. This month, Kasey celebrates her Japanese heritage with an erotic SHUNGA-inspired concept. The scene features a high-class woman in a beautiful traditional kimono, being served sushi on the beautiful naked body of her lover, which slowly turns into a sensual and steamy sexual encounter.

Kasey Kei is a talented performer who has made a name for herself with her unique style and captivating performances. For this special scene, Kasey chose Casey Calvert to join her in this unforgettable experience. Together, they create a beautiful and intimate moment that celebrates Kasey’s culture and heritage.

Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable scene exclusively on Adult Time.

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Transfixed Unveils February’s MUSE, Izzy Wilde

Transfixed presents its latest dazzling episode of MUSES, starring Izzy Wilde! 

The scene directed by Stella Smut places Wilde in a setting inspired by the great fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings, where two rival elves stalk each other in a fantasy world, before confronting each other and deciding to abandon their weapons to make love.

‘Being able to help create this scene of a Porn fantasy world with sexy Elves as the main focus was a really fun and unique idea to be a part of! It’s just such a fun and exciting concept to work with and I hope to do something similar with this idea down the line! As always Brees’ crew is fantastic and I love working with them in every facet! Stella is a Stellar Director (Pun intended) and Kenzie Taylor is just such a fun model to work with! Honestly I just had Facial Feminization Surgery and I already want to do a sequel! It was that much fun! Now it was a long scene to make so I really hope fans indulge themselves with this one. I think it could go down as one of the best Muses yet! I have high hopes for concepts like this and I love to embrace my inner sexy nerd!’ 

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Transfixed Unveils December’s MUSE, TS Foxxy

Transfixed presents its latest dazzling episode of MUSES, starring TS Foxxy!

The Stella Smut-directed scene puts Foxxy in a dark, cavernous warehouse on a seek-and-destroy mission with Aiden Ashley. The bomb may be defused, but this duo’s emerging passion is about to ignite!

“I was honored to have been part of such an amazing new project that was so well put together by such a fun, talented team,” said Foxxy of the scene. “I’m excited for everyone to enjoy what we created.”

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Transfixed Unveils November’s MUSE, Tori Easton

Adult Time studio Transfixed proudly presents its newest shining star in the MUSES erotic collection, Tori Easton, in a spotlight scene that indulges in pure fantasy from start to finish.

Directed by Stella Smut, the beachy themed scenario offers viewers a carefree and chilled-out vibe along the sandy shore, with Easton striking sun-drenched poses as ocean waves crash around her; passion erupts when she makes the acquaintance of special guest star Charlotte Sins and they consummate their newfound relationship in a nearby surf shop.

“I was honored when asked to be a part of Transfixed’s new series MUSES and get to write my own fantasy,” enthused Easton. “I’m very excited for everyone to see how Bree Mills and Stella Smut made my vision come to life!”

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