Adult Time’s New Model Podcast Series Has Launched!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Adult Time’s first original podcast series, “Get UP CLOSE With Bree Mills“. Join host Bree Mills as she delves into the intimate worlds of some of the industry’s brightest stars, as they share inspiring insights, stories, and experiences centered around sexuality, wellness, and empowerment.

Drawing inspiration from Lex Fridman’s renowned interviewing style, Bree Mills creates a space that is straightforward, intimate, and thoughtful. Through enlightenment, entertainment, and education, she delicately navigates the personal and professional journeys of her guests, while emphasizing the significance of sexual communication and confidence.

The first guest on the podcast is the incredible Octavia Red, who shared her thoughts on being a part of the podcast, saying “I am amazed to be the first guest on this beautiful Podcast. I am humbled and thankful,” she added, “It is nice to be seen as not just a good model but someone who can contribute to the dialogue of sex and consent. I love being able to dive into the depths of this industry and life. Thank you for giving me that opportunity. I’m excited to see the episode and the ones to follow!”

Bree Mills shared her excitement, stating, “I look forward to sharing these interviews with the general public, as we will be releasing them exclusively on our public platforms to help shine a spotlight on the importance of conversation when it comes to sexual expression. We have a tremendous amount to learn from the experiences and insights of our performer community and I hope this series demonstrates that.”

Watch the podcast series on Adult Time’s YouTube channel. Join us on this journey as we explore the fascinating lives and perspectives of our industry’s brightest stars.

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D.O.L.L.S. Is Now Playing On Adult Time!

Transfixed’s highly-anticipated second feature film, “D.O.L.L.S.,” is now playing exclusively on Adult Time! Directed and co-produced by the talented Stella Smut, this captivating production offers a unique twist on the theme of AI consciousness and rebellion.

In “D.O.L.L.S.,” a team of scientists (Avery Jane, Leana Lovings, Siri Dahl) has ingeniously crafted stunning androids (Eva Maxim, Khloe Kay, Zariah Aura) as perfect platonic companions. However, when an enraged lab assistant sabotages these dolls, the scientists realize that they must overload the dolls’ systems in order to regain control, leading to energetic duos, threesomes, and an all-out orgy!

Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, served as the Executive Producer for “D.O.L.L.S.” and even made a small non-sex cameo appearance in the film. Mills expressed her excitement, saying, “After the overwhelming success of our first Transfixed film, Office Ms. Conduct, I knew we had to come back strong with a second offering this year!” She went on to say, “Specialty releases like features play a big role in building studios, because of the extra exposure and excitement they bring to the fans, crews, and talent. We’ve been hyping this one up since production wrapped in October and we can’t wait to see the response! Stella Smut did a fantastic job in her feature directorial debut and was supported by an all-star cast of top talent and Adult Time ambassadors!”

Stella Smut also shared her thoughts on the film, saying, “D.O.L.L.S. was an incredible project to direct and co-produce,” She further expressed her passion, stating, “I have always been a fan of 80s b-flick science fiction films especially surrounding the theme of AI consciousness and rebellion, so the honor of directing this genre with a queer spin on as a queer person myself was an absolute dream come true. The cast and crew had such a fun time making it and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Prepare to immerse yourself in the futuristic fantasy of “D.O.L.L.S.” exclusively on Adult Time. Join us as we push boundaries, explore the depths of AI consciousness, and indulge in desire like never before. Click here to watch the film!

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Introducing Lexi Luna: Adult Time’s Newest Brand Ambassador

We’re thrilled to announce that the talented creator, Lexi Luna, has joined Adult Time’s brand ambassador program. As part of this exciting partnership, Lexi will be involved in a range of upcoming production and marketing projects, including a special collaboration with Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills. Fans can expect to see Lexi making regular appearances across various Adult Time series, delivering content that is tailored to their desires.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Lexi said, “Partnering with Adult Time is a very exciting venture! I can’t wait to show my fans what this collab will produce, because everything is going to be based on exactly what the fans want. Many thanks to Bree and the whole team for seeing my potential!”

Joining the ranks of fellow brand ambassadors Lauren Phillips, Siri Dahl, and Leana Lovings, Lexi will also play a vital role in shaping Adult Time’s talent marketing efforts. Together, they will spearhead campaigns that highlight Lexi’s exceptional talents and creative expertise.

Bree Mills expressed her admiration for Lexi, stating, “Over the past year, Lexi has established herself as a valuable collaborator with Adult Time. Her professionalism on set, shared values, positive reception on our platform, entrepreneurial skills in working with us to mutually strengthen our brands, and consistent demonstration of results all meet the criteria we seek in potential ambassadors. This decision to invite her into our ambassador program was easily made.”

To learn more about Lexi Luna, Adult Time members can visit her official Model Page. You can also find her social media at Stay tuned for exciting content and collaborations from Lexi Luna as she brings her unique flair to the Adult Time community!

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Natalie Brooks Stars in Up Close VR Debut

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our highly-anticipated virtual reality programming with the debut of Up Close VR featuring the talented Natalie Brooks. As a leader in adult entertainment, we’re constantly striving to provide our viewers with innovative and immersive experiences, and Up Close VR is no exception.

In this inaugural episode, Natalie Brooks, alongside Oliver Davis, takes viewers on a journey that combines the beloved female pleasure-focused theme and eye contact element of our original Up Close series with the mind-blowing immersion of 6K 60FPS VR 180 video streaming quality. It’s an experience that brings you closer to the action than ever before, giving you a truly personal viewing experience.

For the first time, we’re proud to produce our own exclusive VR content, thanks to the collaboration with adult performer Avery Black as a producer. We can’t wait to see the reaction from fans of virtual reality as they dive into this exciting new VR episode.

But that’s not all – we have big plans for our VR offerings. By February, we’re set to release four original episodes per month, covering a wide variety of genres and themes. In addition to our own productions, we’ll also feature content from renowned studios like VR Bangers, Lethal Hardcore, SwallowBay, VirtualRealPorn, RealHotVR, RealityLovers, and more.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Up Close VR and experience adult entertainment like never before. Stay tuned for more exciting releases and join us as we continue to push the boundaries of pleasure and innovation.

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What’s Coming in January 2024

Here are a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in January 2024. We hope you enjoy them!


January 2 – Pure Taboo – 4-Player Games

Why watch? The irresistible allure of forbidden desires as two friends navigate temptation, leading to a thrilling display of side-by-side passion with their stepdaughters.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Tommy Pistol, Damon Dice, Summer Col, Madi Collins

Content type: Straight


January 7 – Girls Try Anal – Backsplash

Why watch? Two online lovers turned real-life partners embark on a steamy exploration of their desires, including a surprising first-time squirting experience.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Vanna Bardot, Nicole Doshi

Content type: Lesbian


January 9 – Pure Taboo – The Prize: A Codi Vore Story

Why watch? Brace yourself for an intense game show experience as Codi and Jenna compete to make their partners cum!

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Codi Vore, Little Puck, Robby Apples, Tommy Pistol, Cameo: Daniel Shar, Seth Gamble

Content type: Straight


January 10 – Transfixed – Breaking The Ice

Why watch? Witness the inspiring journey of a trans figure skater finding solace in the comforting embrace of her cis girlfriend, leading to a passionate display of love and intimacy.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Angellica Good, Mimi Malibu

Content type: Trans


January 11 – UP CLOSE VR – UP CLOSE with Aubree Valentine

Why watch? Enter Aubree Valentine’s sunny bedroom for an immersive, up-close experience of pleasure!

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Aubree Valentine, Rion King

Content type: Straight


January 14 – Femboyish – Femboy BFFs Get Stacked And Rammed

Why watch? Step into a world of playful exploration as two femboy friends indulge in a tantalizing threesome!

Featuring: Foxy Alex, Benny Fox, Mateo Tomas

Content type: Gay


January 17 – Transfixed – D.O.L.L.S.

Why watch? Energetic duos, threesomes, and an all-out orgy with three scientists and three beautiful androids, known as “trandroids”.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Avery Jane, Leana Lovings, Siri Dahl, Zariah Aura, Eva Maxim, Khloe Kay, Cameo: Bree Mills

Content type: Trans


January 18 – Accidental Gangbang – The JOI Of Sex

Why watch? A group of men in a seminar gangbang an influential sexual stamina coach!

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Danielle Renae, Richard Glaze, Donny Sins, Dorian Del Isla, Jack Vegas, Danny Mountain, Robby Apples

Content type: Straight


January 18 – How Men Orgasm – Roman Todd

Why watch? Join Roman Todd as he shares personal insights and experiences around masturbation, and then proceeds to put on a steamy solo performance!

Featuring: Roman Todd

Content type: Gay


January 20 – Transfixed – Safety First

Why watch? Sparks fly between a man and his first aid trainer, leading to sensual, intimate sex. 

Featuring: Jade Venus, Roman Todd

Content type: Trans


January 25 – Pure Taboo – On The Wrong Track

Why watch? A stepmom catches her stepdaughter having sex with a girl, and decides to dominate both of them through rough sex under the guise of “teaching them a lesson”.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Reagan Foxx, Madi Collins, Kimmy Kimm

Content type: Lesbian


January 29 – Kiss Me / Fuck Me – Learning Every Curve

Why watch? Experience the tender and exciting first meeting of two long-distance girlfriends as they bridge the gap between their emotional connection and physical intimacy.

Featuring: Siri Dahl, Charlie Forde

Content type: Lesbian

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Zariah Aura Unveiled as December’s Transfixed MUSE!

Transfixed has chosen the stunning Zariah Aura as its December MUSE. Get ready to be captivated by her undeniable charm and beauty throughout the month!

In her scene, “MUSES: Zariah Aura,” we delve into Zariah’s world as she steps in front of the lens of her admired photographer, Tommy King. As Zariah poses, her alluring figure illuminated by each flash, the chemistry between them becomes palpable. The lines between professionalism and desire blur, and the world transforms from black-and-white to bursts of erotic colors. When their longing for each other becomes too intense to resist, the REAL session begins.

Reflecting on her role as December’s Transfixed MUSE, Zariah shared her thoughts: “As an artist, at heart it is very important for me to express myself creatively. My MUSES scene was so exciting to shoot since I chose my look, my co-star, and the full vision.” She added, “This project thrills me because it allows me to let my fans and industry peers enter into my fantasy world. I can’t wait for everyone to witness my growth as a performer and I am so grateful to Bree Mills, Stella Smut, and the rest of the Adult Time team for believing in me. It’s so amazing to have an opportunity like this so early on in my career.”

Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills said, “Stella Smut and crew did an absolutely fantastic job with this production, taking the concept that Zariah envisioned and bringing it to life beyond my expectations. The intro sequence is one of the finest things we’ve shot all year and it’s a true testament to their creativity and collaboration. Also want to give a shout out to K.T. Wells, our production designer, who styled Zariah and Tommy to perfection!”

In addition to being the MUSE for December, Zariah Aura will also be celebrating her birthday on December 20. Coincidentally, Transfixed will be dropping her next festive feature release, “Wrapped with a Bow,” on the same day. It’s a double celebration you won’t want to miss!

Stay tuned as Zariah Aura takes part in a month of promotional projects for Transfixed, showcasing her undeniable talent and captivating presence. Join us in celebrating her as our MUSE for December and mark your calendars for her upcoming birthday release, “Wrapped with a Bow”!

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Leana Lovings Partners with Adult Time as Brand Ambassador!

We’re proud to announce that Leana Lovings is now an Adult Time Ambassador! As a rising star in the adult industry, Lovings will now represent our award-winning platform, bringing her unique talent and perspective to our community.

This partnership will encompass a wide array of production and marketing projects in the coming months. Lovings will collaborate closely with our Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills, and make appearances across various Adult Time studios and series. Additionally, she will actively participate in our affiliate program and contribute to a series of sponsored marketing campaigns. Working alongside fellow Brand Ambassadors Lauren Phillips and Siri Dahl, Lovings will play a vital role in shaping our brand representation, both with our loyal fans and within the industry.

Leana shared her thoughts on the partnership, stating, “It’s been a remarkable ride with Adult Time this year, and over the time that our collaborations built up this bond, I learned what it means to work with amazing creatives and an amazing crew.” She added, “Adult Time stands for something bigger than one person, and being able to represent that image is humbling.”

“I’m proud, and I’m dedicated to doing my absolute best in every way for our upcoming projects! Here is to another year of great things to come, and thank you so much to everyone who continues to believe in me.”

Bree also expressed her thoughts, saying, “As we look to expand our program, we want to embrace ‘brand ambassadorship’ as an ongoing business-to-business relationship with top-performing talent we work with, versus a traditional talent contract.” She added, “This approach emphasizes the collaborative nature of working together to amplify our brands and presents a fantastic opportunity to innovate the way studios engage with talent and our audience.”

To learn more about our new Adult Time Ambassador, Leana Lovings, visit her official model page on Adult Time. You can also find her social links on

We look forward to the projects and fresh perspectives Leana Lovings will bring to Adult Time. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating this partnership!

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Adult Time Launches ‘Consent Is Sexy!’ Awareness Campaign

We’re excited to announce the launch of our awareness campaign, “Consent Is Sexy!”. This campaign aims to amplify the importance of consent in the industry and open communication during sex.

This campaign underscores our unwavering commitment to championing consensual content creation and fostering a culture of respect and empowerment in every facet of our work. As part of this campaign, we’re proud to present a star-studded PSA here on our blog and on various promotional platforms. By doing so, we aim to resonate with the industry and broader mainstream audiences.

“Thank you to all the participants who submitted their testimonials and have helped us shine a light on this very important topic! We have such an opportunity as a community to let our best practices and years of experience navigating communication and consent be a source of positive influence over those who follow us and watch our content!”, said Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer.

Join us in spreading the message that “Consent Is Sexy!”. Watch the PSA video below and let’s work together to create a safer and more respectful environment for everyone involved.

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What’s Coming in December 2023

Here are a few scenes that will be released on Adult Time in December 2023. We hope you enjoy them!


December 2 – Up Close with Gal Ritchie

Why watch? Get ready for a mouthwatering rendezvous as Gal Ritchie and Nathan Bronson whip up a delectable mix of laughter, desire, and irresistible chemistry.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Gal Ritchie, Nathan Bronson

Content type: Straight


December 4 – All Girl Massage – Simulation Stimulation

Why watch? Indulge in a thrilling massage as a mischievous masseuse steals glances while the client immerses in a VR simulation.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Leana Lovings, Lexi Luna

Content type: Lesbian


December 6 – Transfixed – MUSES: Zariah Aura

Why watch? Witness the fiery connection between Zariah Aura and Tommy King as their photography session transforms into an irresistible, passion-fueled encounter.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Zariah Aura, Tommy King

Content type: Trans


December 12 – Pure Taboo – Do Unto Others

Why watch? The intense power play, as a guy confronts his unapologetic stepdughter for bullying.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Seth Gamble, Demi Hawks

Content type: Straight


December 15 – Lez Be Bad – Home Run

Why watch? The forbidden passion between a softball player and her coach, as they indulge in a secret affair filled with wild sex and strap-on play.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Katie Kush, Siri Dahl

Content type: Lesbian


December 20 – Transfixed – Wrapped With a Bow

Why watch? A woman follows handwritten clues from her girlfriend, leading to a surprise that ignites a passionate celebration of their love.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Zariah Aura, Queenie Sateen

Content type: Trans


December 20 – Mommy’s Boy – My Pesky Teens Have The Wrong Remote!

Why watch? A hilarious mix-up over a remote control leads to a pleasurable chaos and passionate sex.

Featuring: Lexi Luna, Josh Rivers

Content type: Straight


December 23 – Mommy’s Girl – My Pesky Girls Have The Wrong Remote!

Why watch? A remote control mix-up sparks pleasurable chaos, leading to a steamy adventure between a woman and her stepdaughter.

Featuring: Lexi Luna, Aften Opal

Content type: Lesbian


December 24 – Modern-Day Sins – Sinners Anonymous

Why watch? In a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, seven women’s tales of past sins ignite a passionate frenzy, overpowering the moderator and surrendering to their irresistible cravings.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Christy Love, Lucas Frost, Kimmy Kimm, Hime Marie, Madi Collins, Vanessa Vega, Victoria Voxxx, Ember Snow

Content type: Straight


December 24 – Femboyish – Nerdy Femboy In Glasses & Thong Gets Ass Drilled

Why watch? In a seductive encounter, a femboy and a hunk’s computer troubleshooting session takes a passionate turn.

Subscribers: Check it out here 

Featuring: Clark Delgaty, Benny Fox

Content type: Gay


December 30 – Up Close with Anna Claire Clouds

Why watch? Anna Claire Clouds and Will Pounder share an intense and passionate sexual experience, igniting a fiery connection.

Featuring: Anna Claire Clouds, Will Pounder

Content type: Straight


December 31 – How Men Orgasm – Codey Steele

Why watch? Codey Steele’s candid interview explores his sexual experiences, followed by a steamy solo performance.

Subscribers: Check it out here

Featuring: Codey Steele

Content type: Gay

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Black Friday Madness Starts Now!

From November 16th to November 30th, Adult Time is bringing you an incredible Black Friday sale that you won’t want to miss! Get ready to indulge in the wildest and most extensive collection of adult entertainment available.

With over 400 channels, a staggering 60,000+ scenes, and 8+ daily updates, Adult Time offers an unparalleled adult streaming experience. And during our Black Friday sale, you can enjoy all this amazing content for an unbelievable price of just $9.95 for 30 days!

This is your chance to join us and witness our lineup of exclusive releases. Immerse yourself in a world of pleasure and explore the diverse range of content that Adult Time has to offer. From tantalizing fantasies to steamy encounters, we have it all!

Join Adult Time today and experience the ultimate adult entertainment at incredibly low prices. Start your journey of pleasure and satisfaction now.

Watch the video below to see what’s coming during our Black Friday sale!

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