Dire Desires Bows New Layla Luxx Scene & Podcast

Popular Pro-Am Site Drops “The Dire Interview Episode 2: Layla Lux”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Award-nominated pro-am site Dire Desires recently launched a brand-new podcast via YouTube with inspiring owner Jay answering some of the top questions he’s been asked by fans, sharing his backstory, business decisions along his porn journey, as well as his vision for the future.

Episode Two featuring Layla Luxx just released, and it is wild! The free-spirited and voluptuous bartender from New Jersey shares her part-time dive into the adult industry. Jay delves into her funny virginity story, discussing whether or not she’s a “size queen”, her favorite ex-boyfriend, one-night stand stories, and her many sexual fantasies.

See it now at https://youtu.be/UjGaU8WCdMU.

The two had such a fantastic time together, they shot a scene after the podcast ended! He got her talking about sex and that was all it took to get her hot and bothered, the deluge of erotic memories. Jay and Layla have a natural chemistry that grows with each new scene.

“Ms. Layla Luxx wanted some dick and since the cameras were still charged and lights still on, we got down to it and man Layla put it down,” Jay explained.

Layla loved her experience from start to finish.

“I enjoyed my interview because I was able to be myself and Jay always makes me feel comfortable in his presence,” Luxx said. “This is my third time shooting with Jay and I love it more this time than the previous two. What more can you ask for, he’s tall, handsome, has great sex, and has a big dick. I can say dick, right?”

Watch them make magic together in “The Dire Interview Episode 2: Layla Lux” now at https://diredesires.com/members/the-dire-interview-episode-2-layla-luxx/.

And don’t miss the first episode, “From Broke to 60K A Month Doing Porn” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6_K–B1EYo.

Jay also has a new interview with AVN Magazine out now. “Jay of Dire Desires: Shooting for Gold in the Pro-Am Game” by Michael McGrady Jr. posted to their site early Wednesday evening. Michael opens by describing the perils of the crowded, creator-driven adult entertainment industry for newcomers lacking vision and dedication, which he praises Jay for possessing.

The Atlanta-based director shares his background, how he got into the industry, his decision to launch Dire Desires, and how he continues to grow and push the envelope. Jay also gets personal, explaining how he stays close with his family and friends.

“You know, nobody looks at me any different,” he said proudly. “Thanksgiving is still in my house every year.”

Read the full interview now at https://avn.com/business/articles/video/jay-from-dire-desires-a-performer-director-entrepreneur-920928.html.

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