Adult Time Brings On Board A Data Scientist To Enhance Online Development

We’re excited to announce our commitment to data-driven strategies by welcoming a skilled Data Scientist to our team. This strategic move will enable us to harness the power of our platform’s insights, refine user experiences, and drive innovation to new heights.

“We have been sitting on a huge pile of data for a long time, and in the last few years we have done our best to sort through it as a team as part of our everyday jobs”, says Frank Stacy, Adult Time’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “We felt like it was time to step up our game, put some dedicated energy towards leveraging all this information, and actively use it to make Adult Time a stronger product.”

Challenging the misconception that data-driven strategies are absent in the adult content industry, the Data Scientist at Adult Time is focused on analyzing consumption patterns, user behavior, scene performance, and providing valuable insights to stakeholders. This comprehensive approach enhances our brand’s competitive edge by leveraging data to analyze content reception, optimize marketing strategies, uncover hidden trends, and create innovative series concepts.

“The Data Analytics Team’s main challenge is to understand our customers’ behavior and preferences through implicit information,” says David, Adult Time’s Data Analyst. “For example, we may be interested in finding out what scene made users want to return to our website, without them saying so explicitly. We could also want to segment our customers based on their preferences and understand each segment’s behavior. If we can find an answer through data mining, we can make recommendations that will benefit the client and the company.”

“At Adult Time, the vision from day one has been to fuse our creative energy and brand values with robust analytics to influence overall audience satisfaction,” adds Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer.

“I am proud to welcome David to our team and look forward to geeking out over what he helps us discover about the amazing porn fans we serve!”

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