The headless fucker … and I actually really mean that

No my friends it is not Halloween quite yet but it does seem we have a weird story of a headless Trojan running around.  Well not quite but do let me share with you the most fucked up story of the day.  According to an article in an article in the Cincinnati news today a man was jailed for fucking a nearly headless corpse.

Former Hamilton County morgue worker Kenneth Douglas was sent to prison Tuesday for three years after admitting he had sex with a corpse of a murder victim 26 years ago – a sentence the victim’s mother said was woefully inadequate.

“Castration would not be too severe a penalty in my mind,” Lori Range wrote from her Florida home in a letter to Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge William Mallory.

Range is the mother of Karen Range, the 18-year-old whose nearly headless body Douglas had sex with the day she was murdered.

That wasn’t the only time Douglas had sex at his second-shift job at the morgue.

Douglas, 55, of Westwood, told authorities he often got high and drunk while at the morgue and invited women there, where he partied with them and had sex. He admitted that while he was an attendant at the morgue, he pulled the body of Range, from the cooler and abused her corpse.

He also told authorities he abused other bodies when he worked there – all young females.

Prosecutors and police are continuing an investigation into whether there are other victims.

“Whatever DNA we have collected is being tested,” Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier said Tuesday.

Less than a dozen DNA samples taken from bodies are being tested to see if Douglas abused them while he worked at the morgue from 1976-1992.

Those tests should be completed this month, and Piepmeier said more charges could be brought.

Piepmeier, a veteran prosecutor who had tried dozens of murder cases, said this case has bothered many people, especially families of murder victims whose bodies were at the morgue when Douglas worked there.

“They all have the same question: ‘Could this have happened to my daughter?’ The only answer I can give them is: ‘I don’t know,'” Piepmeier said.

Douglas told the judge Tuesday that he apologizes to Range’s family and his family for the shame he brought them.

“Twenty-six years ago I had a lot of problems,” Douglas said. “I had a drinking problem. There was a lot of times I wouldn’t remember what happened the night before.”

Douglas, a 1971 Hughes High graduate and U.S. Army veteran, has suffered for decades with depression.

“I believe this has tormented you for a number of years and has contributed to your years of depression,” Mallory said.

Norm Aubin, Douglas’ attorney, could provide no motive for the crime. “This has torn him up. Even he doesn’t know why he did this,” he said.

Mallory sentenced Douglas to the maximum penalties – 18 months in prison for gross abuse of a corpse and 18 months for violating probation on a drug charge.

That drug charge allowed authorities to finally answer the question of who performed a sex act on Range’s body.

Range was murdered in her Roselawn home in 1982 by door-to-door soap salesman David Steffen.

Steffen is on Ohio’s death row, convicted of murdering and raping Range. He admitted he killed Range and nearly beheaded her, but he always denied raping her.

In 2006, a review of Steffen’s case shocked authorities when it was revealed that the semen inside Range’s body didn’t belong to Steffen.

Officials were stumped for two years. Then, when Douglas was arrested for violating probation on the drug charge, his DNA was taken. It matched the semen inside Range’s body.