Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape

I heard there was a new celebrity sex tape out so I went digging to find out who this Hollywood hottie was.  Turns out she has quite a resume.

Jasmine Waltz made a movie with Paris Hilton.  No, not THAT kind of movie, turns out Paris Hilton once did a real movie.  Sure it wasn’t all that great but that didn’t deter Jasmine Waltz, she would go on to do quite a few more things with her life including doing a movie due out later this year with Tom Sizemore.  No, no – not THAT kind of movie, I mean a real one.

She once did a horror movie called “Cheerleader Massacre 2”.  With all the hot, screaming, half naked girls in the movie you would think it was a porno, but turns out, that was a real movie as well.  Interesting side note, did you know that Zoe Britton – former porn star was in the movie as well?  It’s true!

However her biggest claim to fame so far seems to be that she is the ex love interest of Ryan Seacrest, David Arquette and Chris Pine.  That is until now …… now I’m sure she’ll be known for much more of her own body of work!

So what was this I was saying about a porno with this girl?  Well it turns out that she did actually make a porno, not just star in real movies with other people who have made them.


“Jasmine Waltz: Hollywood It Girl” Begins Shipping on DVD

Exclusively Through Exquisite Celebrity


The Ex of David Arquette, Chris Pine & Ryan Seacrest Reaches

an Agreement with Exquisite Celebrity to Distribute

the Celeb Sex Movie of the Year!

“Jasmine Waltz: Hollywood It Girl” is currently shipping to retailers, e-tailers, distributors and private residences around the world.  Distributed on DVD by Exquisite Celebrity, the hardcore sex scenes featuring Jasmine Waltz will street Monday, July 25.  The first run of the DVD is already sold out, with additional copies being produced immediately.  Demand is high for Jasmine, as gossip sites have linked her to Hollywood’s elite, including Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pine, Kellan Lutz, Jesse McCartney and Doug Reinhardt.  Shortly after splitting with Courtney Cox, David Arquette announced he was sleeping with Jasmine on Howard Stern’s show.  “Jasmine Waltz: Hollywood It Girl” reveals exactly why all these A-list studs coveted the sultry brunette.  Filmed privately by Jasmine for one of her exes, the DVD was obtained by Exquisite Celebrity through a third party, though the studio has since reached an agreement with Jasmine Waltz to allow the sexy DVD to release to the public.
To view the trailer for “Jasmine Waltz: Hollywood It Girl”, or to purchase the movie, visit http://www.jasminewaltzdvd.com/.
“This is the best celebrity sex tape I have ever seen,” says Howard Levine, head of sales for Exquisite Celebrity.  “The quality is fantastic, and we really get to see why some of the biggest names in Hollywood were willing to do anything to have a piece of this girl.  I’m pleased we were able to reach an agreement with Jasmine to release her most intimate moments.”
Many people compare the stunning Jasmine Waltz to Megan Fox.  It’s easy to obsess over her crystal blue eyes, dark hair and perfect body.  Waltz appeared in the blockbuster “Bad Boys II” and hit TV series “Rules of Engagement”, but “Hollywood It Girl” is definitely her hottest role ever.
“Jasmine Waltz: Hollywood It Girl” has been featured on every major gossip website since news of the movie’s existence first leaked to the public.  The story appeared on TMZ, Extra TV,PerezHilton.comRadarOnline.com, The Huffington Post and more.
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