Full Moon Features Taps Tanya Tate As Casting Director For Surrender Cinema’s Cassex!


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Tanya opens the casting process for the upcoming erotic comedy.

For Immediate Release: February 17th, 2021

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Full Moon Features (https://www.fullmoonfeatures.com/) has hired multi-award-winning performer Tanya Tate (https://www.instagram.com/tanyatate/) for casting director duties on Surrender Cinema's Cassex. A well-regarded actress, director, and producer in her own right, Tanya has previously booked talent for all of her own movies. Hot on the tails of his steamy sci-fi feature Femalien: Cosmic Crush (Trailer), writer/director Lindsey Schmitz once again teams up with legendary independent studio Full Moon for Cassex, a dark comedy with a sexy twist.

"I'm excited to be working with the Full Moon family again," said Tanya. "I am very thankful for all the opportunities that Charles Band has provided me, including this new one. I look forward to casting this fun and sexy movie."

"Tanya has been a friend and ally to Full Moon for many years, so the decision to offer her an official role as Casting Director for our Surrender Cinema line was only natural," said Charles Band. "Her knowledge of the adult entertainment industry is only matched by her professionalism and work ethic. We look forward to building our relationship with Tanya over many projects to come."

Cassex will begin filming in Las Vegas this April. Some of the parts require nudity and simulated sex. Tanya is now accepting submissions at tanya@fullmoonfeatures.com.

When a married couple digs up a dirty home movie, it not only spices up their love life but transports them to an erotic dimension haunted by an eighties sex icon. Is it real, or is it Cassex?

Cassandra Essex (Female, late 20s – early 40s)
An eighties sex goddess with a chiseled frame and an even stronger personality. Possibly Eastern European (think Brigitte Nielsen) or other type of exotic/foreign with less than a complete grasp on the English language. No tattoos.

Jane Fortune (Female, late 20s – late 30s)
An old-school Bohemian hippie who practices divination and possesses psychic abilities. A simple beauty with a cool and calm demeanor that hides a brooding intensity. No tattoos.

Maya Llewellyn (Female, 30s)
Funny and charismatic, she's a relatable girl-next-door, but with a modern, punk rock twist. The type of gal you can take home to mom, but watch out for that temper.

Doreen Dukes (Female, 30s)
A smokey and sultry vamp with a biting sense of humor. A Yoga instructor capable of delivering deadpan sass. She's the girl that taught you how to smoke cigarettes in high school.

Starhawk (Female, early/mid-20s)
A bubbly bombshell, she's always upbeat and down to party. While being a source of comic relief, behind her airhead façade, she hides a simple inner wisdom.

Tanya's lengthy connection with Full Moon includes having appeared in movies (Evil Bong 420, Evil Bong 777), written for the Full Moon produced magazine Delirium, and made appearances for the company at pop-culture conventions like San Diego Comic-Con.

Tanya Tate is now casting for Surrender Cinema's Cassex! If you fit one of the roles, you might star in this exciting erotic adventure from Full Moon!

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#PR: EMBER SNOW Casting For Upcoming Project


The exotic star is looking for adult actors and actresses for a forthcoming production.

For Immediate Release: November 21st, 2018

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Adult entertainment starlet Ember Snow (https://twitter.com/embersnowxxx) is set to begin casting talent for an exciting new scripted project. The production is due to begin filming in the Los Angeles area this December. Currently, there are multiple roles open for adult actors and actresses that are strong on delivering dialogue in addition to performing enthusiastic and energetic sex scenes.

While Ember will have a recurring role in the production, she will predominately act in an executive producer capacity. Ember’s team of additional producers, the writer, and director of the project all have established backgrounds in mainstream Hollywood.

Roles to be filled:

DAWN - Must be able to play mid 40s - No tattoos (or minimal, easy to cover ones).

KARLA - Must be able to play mid 30s - No tattoos (or minimal, easy to cover ones).

LISA - (18-22) - No tattoos (or minimal, easy to cover ones).

ROB - (18-21) - No tattoo (or minimal, easy to cover ones).

MICHAEL - (18-21) - No tattoos (or minimal, easy to cover ones).

CARMALITA (18-21) - Preferably Hispanic, but will consider other races.

JULIE (18-21) - Preferable Caucasian but will consider other races.

BROOKLYN (18-21) - No tattoos (or minimal, easy to cover ones).

“We have an incredible new project that will showcase the acting abilities of talent as well as their sexual strengths,” said Ember. “We’re looking for performers that are strong in both areas for this production. We'd love top have at least the character of Dawn locked down by early December.”

More information and details on how to audition as well as more detailed information on the characters can be attained by emailing Ember’s team at embersnow@gmail.com.

Ember Snow is looking for industry talent for an upcoming project! Be a part of this exciting new venture and connect with her for audition information!


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