Linzee Ryder Signs With A-List Features!


Gentlemen's clubs can now book Linzee via A-List for Feature Dancer appearances.

For Immediate Release: July 18th, 2021

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) MILF superstar Linzee Ryder ( can now be booked for feature dancing appearances exclusively through A-List Features. As the hardcore starlet continues to make a name for herself in adult video, Linzee is now looking to get back to her stage show roots. Before she started steaming up scenes with her sexy moves, the blonde beauty began her career on the stages of Detroit gentlemen's clubs. Linzee is looking to get back to showing off her sexy moves in front of a live audience and has tapped A-List Features to represent her nationally.

"I am looking forward to working with A-List Features," said Linzee. "Dave is a professional and has excellent relations with gentlemen's clubs across the country. When looking for feature dancing representation, I knew A-List Features was the best agency for me."

"I'm excited to add Linzee to the A-List Features roster of superstars," said Dave Michaels, owner of A-List Features. "Linzee is bright, beautiful, and a skilled performer. She makes an impression with fans, and club owners will line up to bring her to their venues."

Launching her on-screen career in 2019, Linzee has quickly caught the attention of fans as well as the industry. Brazzers, Penthouse, Naughty America, and Jules Jordan Video are some of the top adult companies to feature Linzee in their hardcore productions. In 2021, Linzee received AVN Awards nominations for 
Hottest MILF and Most Spectacular Boobs.

A-List Features has been operating for over two decades in the gentlemen's club industry. Headed by Dave Michaels, an industry veteran with extensive experience in providing the biggest names in feature entertainment to venues all over North America as far back as 1997.

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Linzee Ryder signs with A-List Features! Look for her to appear at your local gentlemen's club soon!

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Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Don’t Need PR

I was recently speaking with someone in the industry who told me a female performer is going around telling people they don’t need PR. I thought to myself this can’t be good. So out of that comes a new blog about why PR is crucial for your career, if you’re serious about it.

There are Hundreds of Girls Entering the Industry Each Month

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You Need to Pick the Right Publicist

There are some publicists who don’t do much and/or don’t have their clients’ best interests. If someone starts off with the wrong publicist, it can sour them on PR. Make sure you choose correctly. Check their track record, speak to current and past clients, and always go with your gut. If you don’t see results in two or three months, it might be time to get a new PR firm.

Make Sure Your Expectations Are Realistic

Many girls and guys think because they have a publicist, they will definitely get mainstream coverage. It’s never a definite. We have gotten our clients TONS of mainstream coverage and even got them cast in mainstream movies and TV. But the world still isn’t very fond of our industry, so we do our best with this. Also remember you’re not the only client of any PR firm and even if you get specialized attention, they need to service their other clients, also.

You Have to Want to Engage & Work with Your Publicist

Most publicists want you to approve press releases before they go out. And you will need to respond when they reach out to schedule interviews. You will need to RT their Tweets and even come up with your own Tweets. It needs to be a team effort with you and your publicist.

Make Sure You Can Afford It

If you only have PR for a short time, you won’t get the full benefit. Plan to have it for the duration of your career, because once it stops, you won’t see your name out there, unless you sign a contract with a studio that has PR. And, choose a publicist that’s within your budget–the most expensive isn’t always the best. We offer affordable rates and deliver results.

Step Up & Make Your Own Choices

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