Pornstar or Hooker? What is the difference?

I read something rather interesting today over at the Sponsor Chat boards, posted by the guy from over at The Adult News Channel. It’s actually a pretty interesting questions.

Escort or Pornstar?  Here’s a tricky question for you and one that I love to play with pornstars? Whats the difference between the two?

Ask any pornstar and she will immediatly get insulted and tell you she is not a hooker …she is an actress. Come back at her with this and you will see a deer stuck in the headlights look…

“So If I pay a hooker to read a scene from Goodfellas then fuck her is she now a pornstar?”

Facts are facts. I would say 80-90% of pornstars are hookers on the side. If they advertise it on Eros or work for an agency they are making cash on the side as an escort. Trust me on this. I owned an agency at one time and know every girl who works.

The funny thing is that they think somehow in that twisted mind of theirs that the word “hooker” is bad…but “escort” or “companion” is acceptable as if law enforcement is actually reading and hearing everything they say.

The definition is simple. An escort gets paid to escort someone and spend time with them. No sex is involved. A hooker gets paid to have sex. Thats the simple definition…in a simple mind.

Whats so scary about this is that 90% of the time these girls do not have any real security when meeting the guy. There is no real background checks except asking the guy his name, address and call back number. Do you really think Mitzy the receptionist is Einstein and does a full background check? Its a joke and these girls risk their lives on every call for $400+.

At least on set we have some security and a sex test is needed before performing. In real life you think these girls are asking for a test from the guys? No way Jose. They are there to get quick money and leave.

Prostitution should be legalized for one reason. There is no way anyone can stop it so why not control it. Get taxed and make it a real occupation. How nice would it be to fill out a form or what you do for a living and see “Escort” as an option? lol

Lets have Bill Clinton in charge of the Womens Satisfaction Agency. He knows what we want and who better to decide who should be hired. Although out of all the women in the world he could have got blown from he picked a chubby chick with a big mouth. Maybe hes not the best choice.

A girl who shall rename ..well nameless, puts out on her My Space page that she is visiting family in NY every time she hooks here. But yet advertises all over EROS that she is a NY. Does she really think that her fans care? Will they look differently at her? Will they not want to bang her now or buy her movies?

You name any girl in porn and within minutes you can find out if shes able to be bought. You always here guys saying “man I would love to bang her”. I always say the same thing. “You have $500 I can make it happen”.

This is not like you are trying to fuck Tyra Banks ( and why you would want to I have no clue ). They are hookers. They are pornstars. They all fuck for money plain and simple and thats the bottom line. Spend $400 and you could fuck Tyra Banxxx all night like a rabbit. ( Yes thats a real name )

So here is the question….

Do you think there is a difference between Pornstars and Escorts?