Universal Studios Sues Porn Co.’s Are Ripping Off ’50 Shades of Grey’

TMZ is reporting [source] that Universal Studios is pissed off about some porn companies over their parody or so called parody of 50 Shades of Grey.  They are claiming the works weren’t a a parody and in fact were stealing the movie rights.  They are also going after those companies who made the “50 Shades” themed sex toys.  The so called parodies lifted exact dialog, characters, events stories and even the style of the Fifty Shades trilogy … at least they did in the Smash  Pictures one. I suspect things are going to get down right ugly on this one.
You can’t just shoot a filthy porno and call it “50 Shades of Grey” — at least according to Universal Studios, which is now suing several XXX companies for ripping off its “50 Shades” movie rights.Universal filed the lawsuit against three porn companies, claiming they illegally made an unauthorized film — called “Fifty Shades of Grey: a XXX Adaptation” — as well as bootleg “50 Shades”-themed sex toys.Universal — along with Fifty Shades Ltd. — claims the film isn’t parody, and therefore isn’t protected under the First Amendment.According to the suit, “The first XXX adaptation … does not comment on, criticize, or ridicule the originals. It is a rip-off, plain and simple.”The suit continues, “By lifting exact dialogue, characters, events, story, and style from the Fifty Shades trilogy, [producer] Smash Pictures ensured that the first XXX adaptation was, in fact, as close as possible to the original works.”

The suit claims two additional XXX films are currently in the works — and an accompanying sex toy set called “Fifty Shades of Pleasure” has already been released.

Universal wants damages — plus an injunction blocking any further releases of the film.

So far, no gag orders have been issued.