Vixen Media Group Launches New Website: MILFY

On Wednesday, June 14th, Vixen Media Group will launch MILFY, a new site featuring loads of beautiful mature women. The site is the brainchild of award-winning director Kayden Kross. Vixen Media Group Launches New Website: MILFY Kayden Kross has quickly risen to prominence as a highly acclaimed director in the adult industry, earning numerous awards for her exceptional work behind the camera. Dubbed "The Christopher Nolan of Porn" by The Daily Beast, Kross has shattered the misconceptions surrounding adult filmmaking, showcasing her artistry and ambition in every project. With her distinctive style and dedication to craftsmanship, Kross has successfully dispelled the notion that pornographic films are mere crude and unskilled endeavors. Vixen Media Group Launches New Website: MILFY Vixen Group’s award-winning studios feature beautiful women in exotic locations around the globe. Its network of branded websites has over 30 million visitors every month, and its innovative studios—Vixen, Blacked, and Tushy—have won over 100 awards. With over five million followers on Instagram, the company has been credited for “changing the culture’s perception of porn” and has been profiled in Rolling Stone, Forbes, BuzzFeed, Vice, GQ France, Men’s Health, The Daily Beast, and on the BBC. Vixen Media Group Launches New Website: MILFY Founded in 2014, Vixen Media Group produces the most exclusive adult entertainment in the world. The launch of MILFY will mark Vixen's 8th branded website. Vixen Media Group Launches New Website: MILFY VIXEN is a true leader in the modern age of adult entertainment, the epitome of high-class erotica lensed with an artist’s eye that seeks to innovate the industry with a focus on beauty, class, and sophistication. Founded in 2016, VIXEN seeks to raise the bar with its videos and gorgeous fantasy vignettes that feature compelling plots set in sumptuous, modern locations that stimulate viewers’ sense of imagination and innermost desires. Since its inception in June 2014, BLACKED has emerged as a leading producer of premium hardcore erotica, dedicated to showcasing diverse pairings with some of the most sought-after adult stars. The progressive studio and content site have garnered widespread industry support and critical acclaim for their exceptional lineup of talent and top-notch filmmaking. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, BLACKED has established an outstanding reputation within the industry, earning multiple awards while consistently delivering multicultural erotic productions of the highest quality. With a devoted fan base, BLACKED continues to captivate and satisfy enthusiasts of the genre with their impeccable standards and commitment to integrity. BLACKED RAW is a specialty erotica content site with a particular emphasis on embracing multicultural diversity, passionate sex, and real women - nothing fake or Photoshopped. The creative concept was launched in October 2017, backed by popular demand from BLACKED’S established fan base, and the studio’s leading ladies jumped at the idea of crafting genuine on-camera performances, leaving them exposed and satisfied - completely and totally RAW. TUSHY showcases elegantly-produced anal erotica featuring the most beautiful performers in adult. Each scene is carefully curated and executed in order to create the very best content in the industry, elevating 'the art of anal sex.' TUSHY RAW distinguishes itself as a specialty erotic content site that places a distinct emphasis on the exploration of anal experiences. Setting it apart from its sister site, Tushy, TUSHY RAW offers a unique on-camera performance style that is characterized by a raw, unfiltered approach. Unlike the more polished productions, TUSHY RAW presents a completely authentic and unadorned portrayal of intimate encounters. Debuting in April 2019 as a division of the esteemed Vixen Media Group, DEEPER has swiftly emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the erotic industry. This innovative production studio and platform aim to deliver a compelling and empowering new perspective to the erotic landscape. Led by visionary director Kayden Kross, DEEPER seeks to engage and challenge both performers and fans, pushing the boundaries of fantasy to uncover a more experimental and thought-provoking realm. Through multifaceted scenarios, DEEPER delves into the realms of dominance and surrender, inviting viewers to explore deeper levels of passion and desire. With a focus on artistic storytelling and evocative performances, DEEPER offers a captivating and transformative experience that goes beyond conventional erotica. SLAYED is a true visual feast for the eyes, exclusively showcasing All-Girl sex. Ushering in a new era of erotic art the world has never seen before and spotlighting a sophisticated, edgy, elevated look that taps into women’s deepest desires for pleasure. Established in 2021, SLAYED offers high-level production values with a focus on engaging, explicit, and stunning content that is revolutionizing standards with its strong female protagonists and unparalleled aesthetics.
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