Adult Time’s Lez Be Bad Enjoys “Leather Anniversary”

Whitney Wright and Victoria Voxxx are commemorating their sacred union with a “Leather Anniversary” in the newest episode from Adult Time Original Series Lez Be Bad. Adult Time's Lez Be Bad Enjoys “Leather Anniversary”
“A first anniversary is the paper anniversary, and the second is cotton... Whitney and Victoria got VERY creative celebrating those anniversaries, but this year is shaping up to be the most exciting yet. It's their third anniversary, and that means LEATHER…”
Directed by Stella Smut, “Leather Anniversary” explores traditional wedded bliss in the bedroom - leather represents a marriage’s durability, flexibility, and strength - as Victoria unveils her exquisite leather bodysuit, while Whitney offers her own sensual surprise in leather lingerie.
“Working with Whitney is always very fun and very sexy. I had a blast getting to dress in a special outfit and pretend we were each other’s anniversary gifts…and a little leather and who isn’t happy!” said Voxxx. “Thank you Stella and everyone at Adult Time for such a fun, exciting day! Can’t wait to do it again!”
You can watch Whitney Wright and Victoria Voxxx in "Leather Anniversary" on the official Adult Time website.

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