True Lesbian Does Some Soul Searching in “Meeting Myself for the First Time”

Adult Time specialty series True Lesbian, featuring story-driven scenarios that highlight real-life sexual experiences between women, announces its newest release, “Meeting Myself for the First Time,” directed by Stella Smut. True Lesbian Does Some Soul Searching in “Meeting Myself for the First Time” Allison (Casey Calvert) plays a woman going through a divorce, thunderstruck to find out that her husband was gay and keeping this long-held secret from her. Now that she’s single, Allison wonders if maybe she too might be gay, and is set up on a ‘date’ with a woman, Lily (Whitney Wright), who shows obvious interest in Allison. Allison is flustered, and asks if Lily is flirting with her - it's been YEARS since anyone flirted with her, plus she's never had a WOMAN do that with her before, so she guesses she's just oblivious to these kinds of cues. Lily playfully offers to be more direct, and gives Allison a kiss that makes her quiver at the knees…
"Stella Smut is an amazing director to work with! Kira Noir (cameo) and I had had some pretty heavy dialogue getting into the scene, and Stella took the time to work with me on the big monologue to get exactly what she wanted,” enthused Calvert. “The sex scene was incredibly fun. I always love performing with Whitney Wright, but this particular scene was especially warm and super-sensual. We had a great time exploring each other's bodies and playing as if we hadn't done this many times before."
With first-time storylines, quality cinematic filmmaking, and authentic lesbian sex between performers with real-life chemistry, True Lesbian is available at

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