Maitland Ward Bares All with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew

In recent episodes of *The Adam Carolla Show* and *The Adam & Dr. Drew Show*, the radiant Maitland Ward took the mic to dive into her captivating transition from mainstream Hollywood luminary to her present-day accolade as a leading light in the adult industry. Maitland Ward Bares All with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew On *The Adam Carolla Show*, listeners were treated to an enthralling chronicle of Ward's metamorphosis. Tracing her path from her early days in cosplay and subsequent rise on social media, she explained her foray into creating evocative content reminiscent of Playboy. Ward candidly spoke about her seamless progression into more daring ventures, culminating in her signing as a contract performer with Vixen Media Group. But it wasn't just about the professional aspect. Maitland touched on the art of navigating personal boundaries, emphasizing the controlled yet liberating space the industry offers. “In this realm, I’m able to unveil and revel in various facets of my sexuality — all in a setting teeming with professionals who understand the duality of on-set passion and off-set professionalism," she articulated. In her sit-down with Dr. Drew, the conversation segued into the digital age’s transformative impact on the adult industry. With the ascent of platforms like OnlyFans, Ward celebrated the renaissance of artistic expression and entrepreneurial zeal it heralded. "The paradigm shift is palpable. OnlyFans has democratized the industry, empowering especially women performers with unprecedented autonomy,” Ward opined. Reflecting on her engagements, Maitland gushed, “Engaging with both Adam and Dr. Drew was an exhilarating ride! Their platforms presented a wonderful avenue for me to recount my journey, and I am deeply grateful for the heartwarming reception.” Fans can find Maitland Ward’s interviews on and
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