Transfixed Soars to New Heights with Siri Dahl & Ariel Demure

Transfixed is marking the return of Adult Time Brand Ambassador Siri Dahl in its newest lesbian story series as she takes flight alongside MUSE Ariel Demure in the dramatic showcase “Bird Watching,” directed by Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q. Transfixed Soars to New Heights with Siri Dahl & Ariel Demure Demure plays an avid birdwatcher who has stumbled upon origami birds in a nest - put there by Siri as a loving homage to her late girlfriend. Upon their fortuitous meeting, Siri invites Ariel over to her cabin to share her story.
“I would just make paper crane after paper crane, and pretty soon I started bringing one over to that tree every day… kind of just in her memory,” she explains. Ariel, moved by her emotion, replies, “I commend you for being able to experience such a passionate exchange with another person. I hope I get to have the same one day…” Michael Vegas enthused, “It is so nice to have Siri back on set; she and Ariel are such pros, and they made this little story really come to life. So grateful we get to work with top talents like Ariel and Siri.” Siouxsie Q added, “This episode of Transfixed is likely to pull at the audience’s heartstrings, as we really tried to focus on the romantic connection between the two characters and create a piece of cinematic content that also happens to have an incredibly hot sex scene in the end. This was also the maiden voyage of our new drone, which we used to capture the opening shot.”
You can watch Siri Dahl and Ariel Demure in "Bird Watching" on the official Transfixed website.

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