Skye Blue Launches Her Doc Johnson Main Squeeze

Adult performer Skye Blue has much to be excited about with her new Doc Johnson Main Squeeze launch. Skye’s fans can take her home with the next best thing to her moneymaker. Skye Blue Launches Her Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Skye Blue’s Doc Johnson Main Squeeze is now available for her fans to purchase, take home and enjoy. Molded directly from Skye’s infamous pussy, the Main Squeeze is a uniquely textured ULTRASKYN masturbator with a hard outer case that warms to the touch, has a squeeze plate that allows the user to control the pressure, and the end cap twists to adjust suction strength.
“I’m so excited that my toy is finally out! My fans have been patiently waiting and are even more excited than me. I appreciate my fans that support me. If you buy my Main Squeeze and bring it to any tradeshow or signing, I’ll sign the toy or the box for free and take a selfie with you,” says Skye Blue.
The best place to buy Skye’s Main Squeeze is on the Doc Johnson site, and right now, it’s on sale. Curious to see Skye's moneymaker in action? You can check out her recent scenes like Slayed's "Touch Vol. 3" and Nubile's "Our Busty Love Triangle 2." You can follow Skye Blue on Twitter @skyebluewantsu. You can follow Doc Johnson on Twitter @TheOriginalDoc.

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