The Adult Site Broker Team Launches “”

The Adult Site Broker team recently launched a new website called, The War on Porn, which can be found at The Adult Site Broker Team Launches “” The purpose of the new website is to draw attention to the countless attacks on our sector and online free speech made by hate groups, the religious right, and politicians from around the globe.
"There was no good resource where people could see pretty much all that is going on with the anti-porn movement, what is happening in the courts, and how our adult family is trying to fight back," said Bruce, the adult site broker and CEO of Adult Site Broker, and the broker of adult websites. “This connects everything,” he continued. “Although it is primarily for the industry, I hope people outside of the adult community watch it and understand how awful and unfair the whole situation is for both our business and free expression globally.”
The website publishes content from specialized industry websites and mainstream media. Its goal is to bring attention to the struggles this sector is facing in the fight against porn. Bruce continued, "The majority of the people in our field are good people with large hearts. We are a family. I say it all the time. It’s about time the message goes out to the general public and that the public's actions help us win the war on porn." You can check out the new website at You can follow them on Twitter @TheWarOnPorn.

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