Delve Into The World Of Deep Fantasies in MYLF Series “Secrets”

Get ready for a hot new MYLF series, “Secrets,” where any hidden fantasy can come to life! Instead of exploring the popular fauxcest category, “Secrets” goes the more traditional porn route and features your favorite MYLFs hooking up with their naughty neighbors, friends, and any other lucky stud who finds themselves in the right place at the right time. Delve Into The World Of Deep Fantasies in MYLF Series “Secrets” In the premiere episode, “The Highest Score,” Brittany Andrews is Conor Coxxx’s hot tutor helping him prepare for his SATs. During the session, Brittany notices that Conor seems lost in thought. He admits to her the reason he’s distracted is that he just broke up with his girlfriend and has been feeling very horny lately. Brittany has an idea to help him with both his problems. Whenever he gets an answer right, he can touch Brittany’s voluptuous chest. The method proves successful, leading Brittany to take things up a notch by giving Conor a blowjob right before his exam. When Conor gives Brittany the good news that he passed, the naughty tutor and her young handsome student celebrate by going all the way. Stay tuned for more “Secrets” scenes on; join today and get 80% off your subscription.
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