TeamSkeet Passionately Concludes “Summertime Blossom”

Witness this unforgettable finale as TeamSkeet drops the last part of their new movie, “Summertime Blossom.” Starring the charismatic July AllStar, Blake Blossom. TeamSkeet Passionately Concludes “Summertime Blossom” In a new Teen Pies scene, “Summertime Blossom Part 3: Blooming Revenge,” Blake's summer journey reaches its pinnacle as she arrives at Max Fills' Fourth of July party. With her newfound confidence, she is determined to confess her feelings for Max and fulfill the goals she set at the start of summer. However, her relentless bully, Em Indica, reveals Blake's recent sexual encounter with both of Max's parents to the entire party, including Max himself. Max then asks Blake to leave the party, leaving her heartbroken. As the story unfolds, a series of unexpected turns and difficult decisions challenge our summertime lovers. Will Blake's summer finally blossom? Join today to find out! And stay tuned for the full-movie release on July 30!
  • You can follow Blake Blossom on Twitter @blkblssm.
  • You can follow Max Fills on Twitter @maxfillsurmom.
  • You can follow Em Indica on Twitter @em_indica.
  • You can follow TeamSkeet on Twitter @teamskeet.

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