John from Expose NCOSE to Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk

John is the Director of Expose NCOSE, an organization founded, he claims, by people who are sick and tired of NCOSE willfully pursuing its selfish purposes, banning and eliminating our internet places, and concealing their true ambitions under the guise of "protecting children." John from Expose NCOSE to Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, originally Morality in Media and, before that, Operation Yorkville, bills itself as a nonprofit support organization for victims of sex crimes. However, according to our guest, their assertions are false. NCOSE, he claims, is a far-right homophobic religious organization whose CEO is linked to a hate group already registered with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Expose NCOSE's goals are to get NCOSE designated as a registered hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, to have companies and politicians on all sides stop their affiliation with NCOSE, and to inform the public and media about NCOSE's true nature.
"John and I had a very interesting conversation," said Bruce, the show's host and CEO of Adult Site Broker. "We covered a group that has been quite problematic for the adult industry in NCOSE. John and his colleagues are deeply committed to their cause."
Adult Site Broker helps people buy and sell websites in the adult space. They are known as “the ethical broker” for their business practices. You can contact them on their website at You can listen to John from Expose NCOSE on Adult Site Broker Talk starting today at You can follow Expose NCOSE on Twitter at @ExposeNCOSE. You can follow Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker Talk on Twitter at @ASB_Bruce.

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