TeamSkeet Brings A Barbie FreeUse Fantasy To Life

TeamSkeet is excited to announce the release of a special FreeUse Fantasy scene titled “Fantastic Freeuse Plastic." Showcasing a concept that brings a playful and seductive experience that combines Barbie doll nostalgia with sexual indulgence. TeamSkeet Brings A Barbie FreeUse Fantasy To Life Step into the world of Venus Vixen, who is known for her boundless creativity and imagination. Venus loves recreating kinky scenarios with her favorite Barbie and Ken dolls (Riley Star and GI Joey). Throughout her playtime, Venus indulges in her sexual fantasies, witnessing her dolls come to life in their own sensual way. Venus starts to make her dolls have sex with each other, even joining in herself. The trio then goes on enchanting adventures together, from baking cookies to planning a pool party. Venus is always ready to have a good time with her Barbies and live out her raunchiest fantasies along with them! You can watch "Fantastic Freeuse Plastic" here.

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