MYLF & The Bougie Show Team Up in Vivianne DeSilva Interview

TeamSkeet/MYLF continues their exciting collaboration with The Bougie Show podcast that features June MYLF of the Month, Vivianne DeSilva. In her special episode, “Vivianne DeSilva Interview Masturbating While Catching An Uber? Working W/ Brickzilla? Golden Shower,” Vivianne is interviewed by host, Xay The DJ, about all her dirty little secrets that fans eagerly want to know! MYLF & The Bougie Show Team Up in Vivianne DeSilva Interview Xay delves into the intriguing life of Vivianne, a talented adult performer who has managed to get her degree alongside her work in the adult entertainment industry. Listeners can look forward to Vivianne's candid insights into her journey, including her experiences working with Brickzilla and an unforgettable anecdote about masterbating during an Uber ride!
“I usually make the first move instead of waiting for the guy to make it,” she explains. “One time I got in an Uber and asked the driver if I could give him a blowjob, he said no because he was married. So, I just took my phone out and started recording myself masturbating in the backseat. This happened before I got into the industry too!”
MYLF also surprised Vivianne with a thoughtfully curated merch box filled with MYLF’s trendy merch items, adding an extra element of excitement to the podcast experience. [embedyt][/embedyt] Tune in for more of The Bougie Show Podcast by visiting their YouTube channel. Also, be sure to sign up for today to watch more of Vivianne DeSilva’s daring scenes!
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