Playboy Doubles Down on its Centerfold Platform

OnlyFans is big business and Playboy is well aware of that. A few years ago they launched their version called "Centerfold" with big names behind it including Lana Rhoades and Cardi B. Now however they've decided to go all in. They are dropping the Centerfold name and making their OnlyFans like creator platform as a part of But that's not all, they are also relaunching Playboy magazine a digital-first publication. The online publication will serve as an entry to Playboy’s “creator platform,” which the brand is selling as an “elevated,” “safe” and “exclusive” alternative to OnlyFans. Now, instead of Playboy “bunnies,” you’ll have Playboy “creators,” who will post adult and non-adult content on their pages, give subscribers exclusive access into their lives and grace the magazine’s online covers. The first issue of the all-new digital Playboy magazine will feature the October 2011 Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny who is said to have enjoyed great success with Playboy's creator's platform, making more than a million dollars to date. Playboy Doubles Down on its Centerfold Platform Future issues will include Playboy's "most successful and up-and-coming creators in editorial features, cover shoots, Playboy fashion spreads, and more."
In the new Playboy magazine, "select creator features will be available for free while behind-the-scenes and full photo shoots will be available only to subscribers of each creator on"
Although they haven't decided yet, Playboy said they are considering an in-print revival of the magazine in the near future.
Playboy isn't exactly like OnlyFans. It's really just for solo creators. "While we allow nudity, we do not allow explicit content/pornography. ... We are not positioning this as an 'adult' platform—it's for everyone, including mainstream creators sharing behind the scenes of their lives."
But there are quite a few girls who do solo only, so for them, Playboy might be a great alternative. The real question is, will fans be willing to embrace a more tamer version of OnlyFans?
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