Pornhub Partners with "Take it Down" to Protect Children

Tube giant Pornhub has partnered with "Take It Down" to help protect images of underage girls being shared online. Many teenage girls make the mistake of taking nudes for their boyfriends and don't realize that teenage boys are going to share them. That's where this service comes in. Take It Down is for people who have images or videos of themselves nude, partially nude, or in sexually explicit situations taken when they were under the age of 18 that they believe have been or will be shared online. For example, maybe you sent a picture to someone, but now they’re threatening you or have posted it somewhere. Even if you’re unsure whether the image has been shared but want some help to try to remove it from places it may appear online, this service is for you. Take It Down works by assigning a unique digital fingerprint, called a hash value, to nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit images or videos of people under the age of 18. Online platforms can use hash values to detect these images or videos on their services and remove this content. This all happens without the image or video ever leaving your device or anyone viewing it. Only the hash value will be provided to NCMEC. It sounds like a great service and let's hope that all other tube sites will join Pornhub in this initiative! You can follow Pornhub on Twitter at @Pornhub.

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