Natasha Nice and Pure Taboo Deconstruct a Fetish

Adult Time studio Pure Taboo takes a deeper look at one man’s fantasy in “Breeding Questions: A Natasha Nice Story." Natasha Nice & Pure Taboo Deconstruct a Fetish Natasha Nice plays Miss Richards, a private investigator looking for answers regarding an illicit relationship at school between a student and popular art teacher Mr. Myrand (Lucky Fate). Her research into their relationship uncovers Myrand’s fascination with breeding - and the euphoric risk of possibly getting his student pregnant. Miss Richards offers herself as the focus of these fantasies, with Myrand showing her exactly what he did with the student… for investigative purposes, of course…
“Shooting this scene was so amazing! Lucky is one of my favorite performers, it was so hot to run lines with him! The crew was hilarious and professional so it was a really great day as always with Michael, Siouxsie and company. I especially loved the scenario that I got to take part in creating with Bree Mills. I’ve always loved naughty academic shenanigans. By playing the role of ‘Miss Richards’, I got to turn the tables on a very naughty professor and lure his bad side out into the open!” said Natasha Nice. “It was a pleasure to work in this new capacity with Natasha and help her bring her vision to life for this episode,” added Adult Time CCO Bree Mills, who co-wrote the episode with the popular star.  “My favorite projects are those done in collaboration with the cast and crew!”
You can follow Pure Taboo on Twitter @puretaboocom. You can follow Natasha Nice on Twitter @BeNiceNatasha.

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