Elaina St. James Gets Zen with Nude Yoga

Open Up and Say ‘OMMMM’ with Elaina St. James for a motivational morning wakeup call as she launches her first-ever Nude Yoga video on her OnlyFans (@elaina_stjames). Elaina St. James Gets Zen with Nude Yoga The 30 minute exercise video with St. James, who currently reigns as the social platforms’ most popular creator over 55, aims to not only help fans adhere to their New Year’s fitness resolutions and promote mental, physical and spiritual health, but also give viewers a little something extra to enjoy on their wellness journey.
"I have always enjoyed how I feel after a Yoga session - more relaxed with better posture - and when I mention it to my fans I often get the response, ‘I would love to see you doing yoga, but naked’,” said St. James. “So I decided this was a good time to finally make this kind of content; my fans love that I am authentic, but I will admit that filming yourself working out naked is about as real as it gets! Trying to get the camera angles right as you go from Downward to Upward Dog and back again was a bit challenging, but with the help of a mirror I think it turned out pretty well."
St James openly admits that she is no workout queen, but no matter: the 5-foot-10 brunette’s all-natural Mom Next Door body is what her fans are tuning into.
"Do I love seeing the dimples on the back of my booty or the other wiggly bits? Not really - I am used to seeing the same perfectly toned bodies on workout videos that everyone sees. But the secret to my success, it seems, lies in simple, natural authenticity.”
While she doesn’t expect viewers to work out along with her, St. James wouldn’t be surprised if they did. “Yoga feels good for everyone… stretching and deep breathing have numerous health benefits,” she said, adding that a series of Nude Workout videos may be in the cards “if the response is positive.
“I love Pilates, using my Balance Ball along with light weights and maybe even trying out the nude treadmill… though I would have to pass on nude jogging - I am definitely not built for that!"
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