Mommy’s Girl Takes “A Trip Down Memory LAME”

Adult Time Brand Ambassador Siri Dahl is stepping back in time as she takes a nostalgic journey with Madi Collins with the release of a new Mommy’s Girl tale, “A Trip Down Memory LAME.” Mommy’s Girl Takes “A Trip Down Memory LAME” Siri Dahl plays the loving stepmom to Collins as she takes a sentimental stroll through some old family photos, when she calls her stepdaughter into the bedroom to join her in indulging in some nostalgia, Collins is completely uninterested.
“I still treasure all these memories that we have together, and I guess seeing all this stuff makes me miss the good old days… back when you liked me,” laments Dahl. “I love you so much, even if I don’t show it how like I used to,” responds Collins. “I guess you’re right; I should hug my stepmother more…” Of the scene, Dahl enthused, “This scene was a delight to create, and I'm so excited for it to be released! This was Madi’s and my first time working together, and the sparks were definitely flying between us. There's something extra horny about my role as her overly-nostalgic stepmom!" Collins added, "This was my first time working with Siri, and as soon as the on-set giggles between us started, I just knew this scene was going to turn into something great. This shoot was such a fun one to be a part of, and I always appreciate Adult Time for giving me and my co-stars material as you see in this film, that really lets us have the sexual and creative freedom to have sex the way we want. I always love how my Adult Time scenes translate onscreen to the viewers, and I have no doubt they’ll see the connection we got to create in this scene unfold right in front of their eyes.”

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