Mistress Mia Darque Returns to And Now We Drink Podcast with Matt Slayer

Professional Dominatrix and content creator Mistress Mia Darque recently returned to the, And Now We Drink podcast with Matt Slayer to talk about DomCon, Erotic City at LA Pride, and her own Black and Blue Party coming to Sanctuary Studios in November. Hosted by Matt Slayer, And Now We Drink specializes in tawdry secrets, white lies, and gallons of humor. Darque's last guest appearance involved discussions of sci-fi, comics, intoxicants, and selling her publicist's kidneys. This most recent appearance by the Amazonian Dominatrix included jokes about smoking, tequila, late-night munchies, and Darque's obsession with capsaicin-based condiments. Slayer did enquire about her recent adventures.

Mistress Mia Darque Returns to And Now We Drink Podcost with Matt Slayer

"Erotic City was so much fun this year. I whipped a bear. It's on Twitter!" said Darque. "There is a group called 'Two Thieves,' and they make underwear and donate some of their proceeds to The Trevor Project, which is something that's close to my heart. They were like, 'Hey, we're trying to get promo stuff. Would you mind whipping this bear?' I was like, are you okay with that in the bear suit? He's like 'oh, yeah, totally!' Beating the guy inside of a bear costume, sweating his ass off... I got about four or five good licks off… Our tent was bumping, it was packed damn near the entire time we were there."
Slayer inquired as to the competition at Erotic City that Darque had promised while on his show in January.
"We had the races of the Sybian versus the Motorbunny, for who was truly Dominant!" exclaimed Darque. "The real winners were the ladies. For one lady, it was seven minutes of riding that motherfucker. For the other lady, it was like 17. Between the two ladies, we got well past the 30 mark of 'How many times did you make the big O'?!"
Slayer and Darque talked about her upcoming birthday and a big party she is planning in Los Angeles for November.
"I feel like my 44 is going to be like cougar season for me. These 20-something-year-old dudes are hitting up my profiles hard... I just went to the Megan Thee Stallion concert during Pride, and I'm kind of feeling myself, like, this is going to be my official first real hot girl summer. I don't give a fuck... I'm throwing a Cougars party here in L.A. in November over at Sanctuary. I'm doing a Cougars and Cubs meet-up to see how LA might like my style...There's nothing wrong with being an older, sophisticated bitch. That's what the fuck I'm living in now."
Visit andnowwedrink.com to view the whole episode of Matt Slayer's, And Now We Drink. Mistress Mia Darque can be found at JustSayRed.com. She will be at DomCon New Orleans from October 26-29. For more on Darque's Black and Blue cougar party on November 1st, go to femdomevents.com.  

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